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    Old and Middle English, thing theory, ecocriticism, queer studies, the global Middle Ages, medieval Islamicate travel literature, folklore, witchcraft, playing harp and bass, ice hockey, knitting and fiber arts.
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    2017 Fall
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    English/Medieval Studies PhD

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  1. Finally got my official Berkeley rejection, which I knew was happening because it was implied. I'm honestly not too upset about that, but I'm getting really tired of waiting for results that I'm like 80% sure will be rejections. I just want to evaluate my options based on one MA acceptance and PhD wait lists and be done with waiting. Waiting is the worst and I want it to be DONE.
  2. GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE from the MA program at UBC. I'm so happy, it's a great fit. I don't feel like I can accept immediately before I know if I've been admitted to any funded PhDs (since I'm American and a Canadian MA may be financially challenging) but this is such good news. It's such a load off to know that no matter what else happens I have at least one option for next year.
  3. Congratulations on your decision, and on behalf of all other Minnesota wait listees, I thank you!
  4. Some totally unrelated venting: there was a ton of Cornell news today and I got excited until I remembered that I applied to medieval studies there instead of English so I won't hear anything from them for probably another entire week. Or from anywhere, honestly. I just want to rip off the band-aid already.
  5. Does anyone remember which subfields we saw interviewing? I know I saw one for Early Modern but I don't remember seeing any medieval and I probably would have remembered that.
  6. I'm currently wait listed at both Minnesota and Rochester for literature, specifically medieval. Got a nice, encouraging email from a POI at Minnesota about how they almost always see movement on the medieval list. No acceptances yet.
  7. We share so many of the same interests, oh my goodness. I used to be kind of into HEMA as well, and Scandinavian is a secondary interest for me, partly because of the contact with the early medieval Middle East. I'm so into Ibn Fadlan. Also totally into magic! I've been thinking a lot about "shamanistic" modes of it, since that's also a form of liminal crossing, and one that seems really present in oral cultures like early AS and Scandinavia. I'm applying for the MA there too (didn't feel competent enough for the PhD in medieval because my Latin is... like, barely even mediocre), and it's so stresssful how late they usually notify. Like, I just want to knoooooow. Here's hoping we both get good news from them eventually!
  8. My SOP and writing sample were both really focused on non-normative sexuality and gender in OE and Latin as well--not quite as philological. Can you tell me a little about what it's like to be an Anglo-Saxonist at Berkeley? I haven't heard from them at all, and given that there have already been a bunch of acceptances around here I'm doubtful that I got in, but I'd love to hear about your experience in the program anyway just in case.
  9. I love that so much! I'm a medievalist so I've never really worked on Forster, but Maurice is really important to me on a personal level. I somehow never made that ecocrit connection until I read the Terminal Note and when Forster says "Maurice and Alec still roam the greenwood," I just went.... oh. OH. My writing sample is sort of an extension of themes from my undergrad thesis. It took me a long time to think of a title for it other than "Grendel is a Power Bottom Who Just Wants to Get Obliterated: Anthropophagy and Butt Stuff in Beowulf." Basically it's about looking at violence as a form of intimacy between the human and inhuman nature, and how Grendel's monstrous figure and violent intimacy with Beowulf lends itself to a queer reading.
  10. I'm a medievalist! I've been ignoring the forum a bit because the gradual trickling in of Berkeley acceptances makes my eye twitch a bit when I think about it too hard, so I'm glad I came back to see this thread. I'm mostly an Anglo-Saxonist, focusing on the construction of masculinity and the monstrous in Old English verse, but really my unifying interest is liminality throughout the Middle Ages. I'm really interested in non-normative experiences of gender and sexuality and how those experiences relate to the construction of human identity as separate from the animal, since weird sex stuff is often tied up uncanny, monstrous, partially animal figures, and I've recently been expanding that focus to look at intercultural contact with the Islamicate world and the later Mediterranean. I often get into community formation in early medieval Northern Europe with that as well, so it looks like we have something in common, @loganondorf. Right now I'm working on a reading of "Wulf and Eadwacer" where I look at the narrator as a human woman and Wulf as an actual, literal wolf, since contact with the animal in AS poetry is a lot more complicated than I think a lot of folks acknowledge, and tbh I should probably get on writing that because I'm supposed to present it at Kalamazoo in May. Congrats on Pittsburgh! So far I've been waitlisted at Minnesota and Rochester and rejected at OSU and UT Austin, so unfortunately that expertise is no longer relevant to me. I'm hoping I here something positive from Columbia, Cornell, Yale, or Berkeley, but I'm kind of dubious since they're all higher ranked and I haven't done super well so far. I don't really know how wait lists tend to go for medievalists, though, so at least I can still hope on that front.
  11. I don't know about that person, but it looks like there is now one acceptance on the results page with no additional information. Personally, the portal still lists my application status as "submitted," though.
  12. I thought I replied to this last week, but apparently not. Thank you for your advice, both of you.
  13. I already got a rejection email from the department last week, but I just got a "check the portal" email this morning, so probably some sort of website thing happened just now? This email also solidly misgendered me so I'm feeling a lot less bad about not going there now, tbh.
  14. Congrats on Johns Hopkins, y'all! That's great news! I just got wait listed at Rochester via email. Which like. Is also okay news, although given that this is my second wait list in a row I'm starting to feel like everyone's second choice. Oh well.
  15. Mine still reads something about being under review by committee which is probably because I've already been wait listed. I hope you all get good news soon! (And then immediately decline so I can get in off the list ).