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  1. Hello, everyone I have a few questions about visa issues: I have been in a relationship for a few years now and I intend to bring my boyfriend along (we would get married in our home country so that he would be able to apply for an F2/J2). Has anyone had any experiences, applying for an F2/J2 and being in a same-sex relationship, or maybe heard of anyone who’s had such experiences? Would we be treated just like any other couple or could we have problems? My other concern is related to employment authorization. My boyfriend / spouse-to-be does not have a university degree, so he would have to apply for jobs that do not require a university degree – such as catering, working as a waiter, salesperson, etc – just so that he doesn’t get bored to death and maintains a certain level of financial independence from me. What is the probability of getting a work authorization as a J2 if you don’t have a degree? I ask this because I would rather not apply for a J1 so that he could get a J2 if there really isn’t that much of a chance of getting an employment authorization (I don’t wanna run the risk of being under the 2-year requirement for no good reason).
  2. One of those was mine. I believe they do it by subfield, that's why there were so many acceptances/rejections only for Applied Linguistics back in January. And even within the same subfield, I think they do not send out decisions all at once. As @2017 said above, s/he got her/his acceptance for Socio on Feb 1st. I only got mine yesterday. So don't lose hope, there's still a chance! @2017 I wonder about the probability of getting funding, as I've seen in the past results that many people ended up being admitted without funding :/ The wait until March is gonna kill me.
  3. @Lukebw Yes, it is! And unfortunately when I contacted my main POI at Michigan she said she was about to retire Yet, I applied anyway and mentioned some other people with whom I could also work.
  4. Hi, I've been lurking around for quite some time now, but never posted anything haha @songofgallifrey I also applied to Georgetown and Stanford (both in Sociolinguistics). In addition, I applied to the University of Michigan (Sociolinguistics), and UC Santa Barbara and CU-Boulder (Sociocultural Linguistics). Wish y'all good luck!