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  1. Yeah, IU's Recruitment Day is today. I'm actually typing this from inside their grad student lounge. The campus is huge.
  2. To which program are you referring? IU or Syr?
  3. I know that feeling, man. I was there not too long ago. Keep up the good fight.
  4. Hang in there! I was accepted off of the waitlist so it can be done! I think they have multiple waitlists (ie, a waitlist for Americanists, a waitlist for Victorian Studies, ect). I think they would have notified you if you had no chance. A lot of decisions will be made over the next week or two. Don't lose hope! If they do admit you off the waitlist, be prepared for an offer funding years 2-6 but not year 1, as year 1 is covered by fellowship or not at all. Do you have an offer elsewhere?
  5. I'm really excited. Thank you for declining! Right now it's between IU's PhD and Syracuse's MA. As of yesterday, I had been leaning more toward SYR, but now that my first year is funded, IU has changed the game completely. I'll know more when I go to IU tomorrow for Recruitment Day. I'm also trying to work out a way to visit Syr before the 15th. Thank you! Are you on the waitlist for acceptance or the waitlist for first year funding? Either way, I am seriously considering Syracuse's' MA as it's a much more 1-on-1 situation with much less intra-cohort competition, so my spot might open up. I'll know more when I go to visit. I think the 6 years of funding is really important, but I had kind of fallen in love with the PhD possibilities a MA from Syracuse would open up for me.
  6. Uh... holy shit. IU just funded my first year! Thank you @RydraWong!!
  7. Hazel, are you a poet or a fiction writer? Edit: I just saw that you're doing your MFA in poetry. Guess that answers my question. If You are a poet, you probably have a good understanding of how poems work (or don't work). I've found that the transition from Poet to Poetry-Critic is a fairly simple one to make--my old standby as an undergrad was to analyze a poem based on the poetic devices I saw at work--How does the enjambment work in a few crucial lines? Why does the metre lend itself to the message/undermine the lesson of the poem? In undergrad, it served me well to use the insider info I gained during my failed attempts at poetry. Sure, you'll need to show that you can incorporate theory into your work, but I found that my time spent as a poet taught me how to closely read (and write) in a way that my fellow English majors usually couldn't.
  8. I'm one of those people waiting for IU's first-year fellowship. If I hear something soon, I'll be thanking you =D
  9. I did the previously unthinkable today and declined a likely funded offer from Nebraska-Lincoln. Here's hoping someone from here gets my spot!
  10. Maybe some of their faculty left or retired?
  11. Rankings are bogus. That said, WOO! Indiana went from 22 to 20!
  12. This is also relevant to my interests.
  13. Just got off the phone with the DGS at Syracuse University. I've been accepted to their fully funded MA Program as one of their top choices! I can't believe that I have the good fortune to choose between 3 R1 programs. Everything is unreal.
  14. WAY TO GO MAN! WOoo!
  15. I just received word that I've been accepted at the University of Indiana Bloomington's PhD program! This was my reach school--every other program that I applied to was just a MA. I am shell-shocked. I need to sit down. I AM SITTING DOWN. What is happening!