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  1. Yup. Final week of wait hopefully... Its possible but chances are slim for that. Don't know, I just feel next week is the final week.
  2. Hah! Good luck man Stony Brook is awesome! I didn't apply anywhere else except Canada so its the ONLY option I have.
  3. Saw an admit from McGill in the results section. Had my hopes high for a second but I got nothing. No admit so far.
  4. Any admit so far? What are you waiting on?
  5. hahaha same here man... I sometimes wonder..What are the chances..So many people getting left out this year from Canada. It was supposed to welcome us haha that's what Trudeau has been promoting ever since Trump assumed presidency. But guess not. And I have all the reasons to believe next year its going to be a shitstorm of enormous applications plaguing the small number of universities that Canada has to offer.
  6. For the international folks waiting for McGill's decision, do you know that we require a Qu├ębec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) before filing for VISA, and it can take anywhere between a month to two months to arrive? Once that arrives, the VISA is filed and it can take another month or something to arrive. Basically it will be a tight schedule for international people accepted at the end of April for September session.
  7. I think yes. For both of these universities too this logic applies. For SFU though things are different, they haven't sent any waves yet (no rejections). They've sent a couple offers but not too many (from personal interaction). Maybe they are actually yet to announce the results. Did you get in anywhere you applied to? What universities are you waiting on?
  8. I got rejected just a couple days back. It most likely means you're on a waitlist and your chances of getting an offer are positive, if not certain. That's why they're still keeping you. I assume they recently sent rejects to people who were a bit on the lower side of waitlist, who most likely won't make it to the acceptance list. Atleast that's my thinking.
  9. SFU and McGill left. Same feeling.
  10. Applied to 5 Canadian schools, was my dream to pursue masters from the day I stepped in my crappy undergraduate institution. Told myself I didn't belong there, and decided that I will work my ass off to change it. Set an aim to go in world's topmost graduate schools for my masters. Worked very hard for 5 years (4 years bachelors and 1 year job) on performing original research, publishing, internships, moving around the country, all against big odds. Finally came to a point where my profile was impressive enough, even for a masters holder. Applied with enthusiasm and optimism to Canada...But meanwhile... All hell broke lose in USA. An orange turd got elected and scared away all international students looking to pursue their masters/PhDs from US. All those scared shits applied to Canadian schools. The schools helped them apply by extending deadlines. Who doesn't like extra application money haan? Now there's not much choice in Canada for good universities, so only a handful (literally, 5-6) had to take the hit from the surge of applications. Result? A university which was taking in students without even a single internship (and bad GPA) until last year, is now accepting (and rejecting) students who've worked at Microsoft, Google, published significant research, have clear research goals. Why? Because god knows why. When you get 2000 applications for about 50 funded positions total, things are going to get competitive. Worst year for me. I could have gone to a good university in Canada had I applied last year, because it wasn't as competitive back then. And you know what's worse? Looking at the turds in your batch who didn't do anything in their lives, failed classes, just applying to expensive 9 month/14 month management programs at big name universities and getting accepted in a heartbeat! Shit!? He can't even speak English properly, barely got out of IELTS, and this? I'm planning to get out anyway. Will probably go for a short term course in a community college and then look for job or transfer to university. I'm not going to stay where I am and wait another year. I will lose my mind (permanently this time. Anxiety is not good for prolonged periods) if I stay here (India). So unfair.
  11. Got denied admission at Waterloo. MMath Computer Science Thesis.
  12. Me too. But still hoping for the best Indeed. Next two weeks are going to be crucial.
  13. Yup. Emailed them a few weeks back and they responded that applications are still in review, and they hope to have decisions by May 1st.
  14. They said they are still reviewing the applications. They'll be sending out all decisions before May 1st.
  15. Naa not yet, but I have high hopes for these two. I'm still waiting for Waterloo too...