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  1. The deadline is May 23th on mine.
  2. Thank you! Wow congrats! And that's a great score!!!
  3. Got a CGS!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  4. Nothing in the mail today for me in Montreal My hands were literally shaking when I opened my mailbox..
  5. Congrats to you!! Can't wait to get back home - I'm definitely leaving school early today.
  6. I was hopeful we might get our letters today or tomorrow because someone posted this :
  7. Nothing in the mail today in Montreal.
  8. Just in case you didn't know : the Michael Smith form doesn't appear right away when you open the portal, you have to click "Create new form". (But I don't believe the form has anything to do with the fact that we got the award or not. Don't worry about it). Is there someone in Yellowknife who can open the letter for you ? Maybe you should contact your school, they might not know now about the results but they sure will be notified soon. If you explain your situation, I'm sure someone can tell you about the results without waiting for the mail.
  9. I got a similar answer from my school. They told me the results should be sent in the next few days...
  10. Hi, You can't have CGS and OGS at the same time : - Cannot hold an OGS award at the same time (or during any session) as a scholarship from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, QEII-GSST from any given year. https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/currentstudents/Pages/Ontario-Graduate-Scholarship.aspx However, maybe you can have the CGS now (because it's the one that pays more) and get the OGS for the rest of your master studies. For example, I was awarded both CGS and FRQSC (similar to OGS but in Quebec) last year. I received the CGS from May 2016 to April 2017, and will receive only one payment from FRQSC for Summer 2017 (because I will graduate in August, but I'm eligible to 2 more semesters). I don't know if its possible with OGS but you should look into it. If it's your first year as a master student, maybe you can have the CGS for your first year and the OGS for your second.
  11. Anyone can apply. You submit your application to your school/department (then they decide which applications are sent to the national competition) or directly to SSHRC (for those who can't apply through a school).
  12. That's what my advisor told me as well - that some people at school probably already know the results and I *could* ask. But I feel like it's inappropriate to ask...? (I know some people would feel comfortable asking about those kind of things but I feel like I'm supposed to wait for the results like everyone else). I'll try to hang on for a couple more weeks, maybe I'll change my mind about asking.
  13. Last year, results were sent around April 21th.
  14. Do you have any idea about the kind of job you would like to have after you graduate ? I think that looking at the usual requirements for these jobs would be a good start. If you want to stay in the academics/research, I think you should question yourself about what you are really passionated about. What are your principal interests ? What field usually study the questions that you are interested in ? (P.S. If you would like to know more about criminology studies, feel free to PM me)
  15. I can't talk from personal experience, but I don't see any major issue in switching for another field (especially social work --> criminology). I met many students pursuing a master in criminology who held a bachelor degree in psychology, social work, chemistry (!), etc. In my opinion, the biggest con is that you might have to take extra classes, which might delay your graduation. But I think that being able to use knowledge/theories from other fields is expected in grad school (especially at the doctoral level, but also at the master level), which could turn out as an asset for someone who studied in another field.