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  1. Congrats on so many great offers! Something I think is important is whether or not you can really imagine yourself living there. Of course, research will be a big part of your life, but you have to have some way of relaxing and relieving stress every now and then. That's where the location can be important. If you aren't much of a big city person, then NYC might not be the best place. It might be even more stressful to you! Or if that's the type of environment you'd think you would really enjoy since there's so much to do, then go for it! Another big thing is the research. Do any of the schools seem to have more faculty you'd be interested in working with? The more the better, so if one of those schools stands out in that way, that would be something to consider. Did you go to the schools to interview or were they Skype interviews? I am asking because if you were able to go physically, you could think about the people you met and where you felt the most comfortable. Not sure about your particular situation, but hopefully this was a little helpful.
  2. Congratulations!! That's great news!
  3. Surprisingly, I have actually seen the word "flocculent" in a paper, and my lab mentor has used it on occasion (I blame the paper). I would have to agree with you though - such a strangely specific word is hard to use or even imagine using. I feel like it could be used to describe clouds maybe?
  4. This is kind of a dumb question, but are any of you planning to take your laptop with you on interview trips? Not to actually have on you at the interviews, but to use in the hotel room, maybe during free time or at night. I'm having trouble deciding if it would be a hassle or if it would be helpful.
  5. Not sure about your schools specifically, but when I was planning to do the back to back interview thing, I was told that the events at night on the second day were not required (hanging out with the grad students and some faculty, etc.). I was going to fly overnight from the west coast (10:30ish PM) and arrive on the east coast around 10:30 the next morning. Of the interviews I have scheduled, most don't begin the first day until the afternoon, so if that's the case for yours then the primary issue would be where you're flying to and from, and if you can get a flight that will get you where you need to be in time. You may not have to miss any required events, but if the social events at night are really important to you or if the second interview starts earlier in the day, then it's going to be harder. I hope this helps! Good luck! You could call whoever contacted you from Yale. Let them know that you already have an interview scheduled, but that you would still really like to interview. Hopefully they can work something out with you! Good luck!
  6. I am reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It's pretty good so far (I'm about half-way through). I guess it counts as historical fiction. It follows two main story lines, which I think are supposed to converge at some point. One follows a blind French girl and the other follows a German boy, before and during World War II.
  7. Just thought I'd share this haiku: Oh Columbia, My anxiety abounds! Please email me now.
  8. Thanks @TakeruK! When I spoke with the program manager of the first school, she implied that they do not allow students to interview outside of the set interview dates, so I don't think switching to Monday-Tuesday will happen. Based on what you two have said so far though, it doesn't seem like it will be too much of an issue. At this point I'm mostly concerned about logistics, but everything will work out as it should in the end! Thanks again!
  9. @fuzzylogician Thanks for sharing!
  10. I was hoping to get some advice/opinions. I have two interviews currently scheduled so that one is Tuesday-Wednesday and the other is Thursday-Saturday, and I can't reschedule them. The first school is on the west coast and the second is on the east coast, so I would have to fly overnight on that Wednesday. It seems crazy to me to give up the opportunity to interview at both (you only get this chance once!), but most of the "real adults" I've talked to have thought I was a little crazy for thinking I could do both. I do prefer the second program, and they argue that I won't perform as well at the interviews because they think I'll be tired from the first set of interviews and the overnight flight. What do you guys think? Based on your experiences, is back-to-back interviews across the country doable? Should I give up the first interview and put all of my effort into the second (preferred) one, or should I give both schools a chance, even if this may affect my performance at the second interview?
  11. I haven't asked for a different interview weekend, but I have switched to a different interview date that was offered. I called the program managers for two schools and found that both were very nice and incredibly helpful. I think you should call the program managers, explain your situation, and ask if there is anything you can work out so that you can interview at both places. If the first one you call is able to set you up with another interview time, then you can just go ahead and accept the invitation to the other program. Hopefully this was kind of helpful!
  12. Johns Hopkins sent an email (can't remember when) saying they would try to send out interviews on Dec. 19th or 20th.
  13. Thank you! I wasn't thinking invitations would go on weekends either. It was a big shock for sure when I saw it. I also saw a post somewhere that some places also send interviews after hours on weekdays. I guess there aren't any limits on when they'll send them.
  14. UPenn NGG has started sending out interviews. I got an invitation by email this morning. Good luck to everyone who applied!
  15. I'm a little late to the party...but I also applied for neuro!