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  1. I got notified from UofT today.
  2. does anyone know how to pay the deposit for UofT? I think I misplaced that page of the package.
  3. for Uoft check Rosi or Acorn.
  4. anyone heard anything back with regards to funding or OGS?
  5. Hi!! I also got admitted to the two year MSW program at UofT and I will be attending too. In the fall apparently there are a bunch of scholarships you can apply for. http://socialwork.utoronto.ca/current-students/financial-support/#internal
  6. York, Lakehead, and I believe McGill offers this as well.
  7. It's a one year degree that would give you a BSW degree but it would also make your MSW one year so you don't really lose time. The first year of a two year MSW is basically a post degree BSW.
  8. Is a 1 BSW an option?
  9. Does UofT offer any funding to anyone?
  10. I wouldn't assume that. York tends to be the most competitive cause the class size is so small and everyone gets generous funding.
  11. Grades: Last two years I had one B+, 3 A+ and the rest of A's. I had an A in Research Methods. Experience: Two full years of part-time work studies in student engagement, 3 years of sitting on a provincial mental health youth focused board (through this experience I got to plan and attend many conferences, create policy documents, plan workshops on youth engagement etc), 1 year of volunteering with a youth sexual health organization, 1 funded summer international internship through my university's international office, a summer research internship at a youth non profit org, 1 year of residence programming, 1 year of sitting on a government related board as a youth, participant of my undergraduate research fair and some other things here and there. Sounds like alot but I was lucky to get a really good opportunity that led to other things. If people want to know where I find good opportunities or what specific organizations I was involved with message me!
  12. A, so that might have something to do with it.
  13. Me! Patiently waiting for UofT....