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  1. It's not an MSW but may be worth considering depending on where your career interests lie - http://www.lesley.edu/master-of-arts/mindfulness-studies/
  2. My online profile changed to "pending interview." Anyone else see this change? No emails or updates from the school as of yet...
  3. Same here. Wondering if there are opportunities to apply for other scholarships when you are in your first year?
  4. There are some solid discussions on this around the net. I have spoken to various SWs who have positive reviews on all programs - I think it boils down to what your specific interests are. I have heard Hunter has the strongest community organizing program and NYU has the most focus on direct service, whereas Fordham has the strongest grounding in social justice. I've heard mixed reviews on whether Columbia's brand impacts hiring/career outcomes. I'm in the same boat as you except I haven't heard back from Hunter yet - when did you receive word of your acceptance? I'd take a look at this thread for some specifics:
  5. Sent an inquiry on when they think the decision deadline will be, given the delay. Will post any updates!
  6. @peter8920 Nada on my end yet - how about you?
  7. My app was completed 1/25. I am also very curious as to when we will hear back. Most other NYC schools have begun to send out responses, and are requesting a down payment 4 weeks from the day of acceptance. Feel like I will need to save a seat somewhere before hearing back from Hunter.
  8. Congrats @lunabathory on your acceptances! Glad you are making a choice that feels right for you. I was notified of a 15k scholarship from NYU yesterday. I am trying to discern what the ultimate cost would be with this scholarship - guessing around 70k including fees? I am particularly focused on college/high school social work counseling so trying to decide what school would offer the most resources for that path.
  9. Just received admission! My letter says "It is crucial that you submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to process your federal financial aid," though I have already done so. Funding will also be a consideration as I think about NYU. Did either of you have a similar notation in your acceptance email? If so, when/how did you hear back on your Finaid? Thank you for any insights!!
  10. Anyone hear back yet?
  11. Contacted the Fin Aid office - they expect packages to be released by end of next week.
  12. Yes! Also got an acceptance - waiting on NYU and Hunter. Any notice of financial aid? Wondering when that will come through.
  13. I am seeking to apply for Fall 2017 at Hunter. The individual I intend to use as my recommender has given me an @gmail address. Has anyone used an @gmail address before when submitting their recommenders? I am concerned this would not be considered a valid address because some other schools have said this on their websites. Hunter does not indicate.