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  1. Netherlands ETA just announced!!!! Happy I am home from work because I really wasn't ready for that and the weird shriek I emitted that may have alarmed other people. Also SOOO glad that waiting game is over.
  2. I am also a Kentucky teacher who spent the morning refreshing my email-- definitely not a healthy habit! Good luck and hope you hear back soon
  3. Netherlands did the same thing! And if the excel document is all correct, several other countries have as well. They're just getting our hopes up!
  4. I hope this means Netherlands ETA will also announce soon. Hoping you are promoted!
  5. Since I was the one who posted that I should definitely note that I applied for ETA so don't lose hope yet!! I think they just interviewed us this time around because this is the first year they are accepting ETAs, but I understand the research program has been in the Netherlands for a while so maybe they don't feel the need to interview. Sorry to have caused any unnecessary grieving, but ETAs and research grants are definitely not approached the same way and I'm sure you're both awesome candidates so you wouldn't need an interview!!
  6. @CoffeeTime I am! During my interview she said they would submit the names to the U.S. the first of march and they should release the names mid-march soooooooo we have to be getting pretty close!!
  7. @beamurray I certainly hope so. I have the day off today for snow so I'm even more anxious than if I could at least go in to work!
  8. I think it depends heavily on country. For example I am a semi-finalist for the Netherlands where ETAs are being selected by the schools themselves because the schools are actually the ones paying the fee (as opposed to the education department putting up the funding where schools are less involved). So if accepted, I would be able to almost immediately find out what school (and therefore what area) I would be in. From my conversations with former ETAs in Thailand and Poland (or was it Poland? I can't remember with certainty), that was not the case for them because they were not specifically selected by a particular school so they had to wait a while to learn exactly what school they would be placed in. I imagine that once you are accepted you can ask the country what their process or timeline is.
  9. What a horrible time for this to happen. If only for your sanity!
  10. I was just scouring the internet in hopes of finding out an exact date when the Netherlands would announce (or if anyone really had announced) only to stumble on this thread and see so many other anxious people waiting too! It definitely gives me a little relief, but not much
  11. @coasts Thanks for your reply-- I guess I just assumed they would be more challenging and worthwhile but I definitely don't want to pay $800 just to say I took something if it means nothing. I'll just have to do more research.
  12. Hello! I have been wanting to go for an MPP program for a while now but keep putting it off because I feel I won't be competitive enough without any significant quant coursework when I was in undergraduate. This spring I want to change that by taking an online course or two in stats/economics so I can finally apply next fall! I looked through posts to get an idea how people were taking these courses and it looks like some were going through UCLA's extension program, but it looks like those courses were in the $800+ range which seems really steep, especially when I could take courses at my community college for $160 each. I guess I am just thinking that if I am really wanting to make myself more competitive, the local classes might not have that effect and maybe I ought to just fork over the big bucks for a course through the more well-known and respected school. I also worry that the courses at my community college aren't that rigorous, and I could probably get just as much out of an edX or coursera online course. But if I ought to do it through one of the big extension programs, are there any others besides UCLA's that I should consider? Any advice would be much appreciated!