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  1. Not-so-patiently waiting
  2. Lol I guess I am unethical I accepted 3 offers but I'm still holding out for UofT since it is my first choice.
  3. No I did not get asked for a deposit. My offer is not conditional.
  4. Hello Everyone - So far, I got into Queens and UBC. I got waitlisted at McMaster. I am yet to hear from UofT. My top choices are UofT and McMaster so I am hoping I get into one of those. What do you guys think about accepting the other offers? Is there a cost to accept UBC or Queens? I want to hve them as a backup Congratulations to everyone who got in to schools. Goodluck to everyone still waiting!
  5. I got waitlisted at McMater too. Here's to hoping.
  6. I got my acceptance email from Queens. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  7. Hello Marion, I am also waiting to hear back from McMaster. Their website says that invitations will be send out from mid-March to April. Good luck!
  8. @joelcollard6Congrats Joel!
  9. Goodluck! I also applied to UofT Epi and McMaster MPH. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hello Tahnin, As a Canadian PR, you are not considered an international student.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Hello. I submitted my application to queens last month. There isnt a separate section for the statement of interest, however there are separate sections on the application that ask you questions that you would otherwise have answered in your statement of interest Basically I wrote a statement of interest, and then copied and pasted it into the fields when applicable. Goodluck!
  13. Hi Everyone, I discovered similar threads from previous years earlier today and I am glad a space like this exists. It's really nice to share experiences. I am applying to 5 schools - UBC, UofT, Queens, McMaster and York. I am applying to the MSc Kinesiology (with specialization in Epidemiology) at York. At the other schools, the degrees are MPH degrees in Public Health, with the exception of UofT, which is an MPH in Epidemiology. I am really nervous, but hoping to at least get into one school. My preferres schools are Uoft, UBC, McMaster, Queens and York in that order
  14. Hello! I have applied to UofT for Epidemiology and I have a few questions. Did you take the GRE? What was your score like? (I took it because it was recommended but I may have tanked my quantitative section and I worry that will make me a less competitive applicant). Statistics requirement - My undergrad stats course seems to be missing 1 portion: regression analysis. Will that disqualify me? Thank you!