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  1. Philosophers are probably the most socially awkward sub-group, so I'd say you're in good company .
  2. My soon to be supervisor made me an offer I could not refuse - godfather style.
  3. My letters were from people on my M.A. committee at another institution.
  4. Thank you everyone! Now comes the hard part - telling my supervisor at my current PhD program that I'm leaving. Any suggestions?
  5. *mic drop*
  6. Very excited!!! Just had a Skype meeting with Oliver Sensen at Tulane. Will definitely be accepting my offer from them. We have exactly the same vision for my project, for me in the program, and ultimately career-wise afterwards. Hope this helps people on the waitlists at Western Ontario, Tennessee, Boston U, Syracuse, Purdue, and Baylor, although I don't know about my exact position on those waitlists. Very happy to have made a final decision and be done with the stress of this season! Thank you to everyone for their solidarity and support this season!
  7. Yeah I don't have any expectation that I got accepted, but I just want "closure" haha before I start deciding between offers, or waiting for the waitlists (agonizing).
  8. Did anybody hear from SLU? I emailed the Chair today because they are the last school from which I haven't heard back.
  9. Thank you 😊
  10. Personal email from Oliver Sensen at 11:43pm Saturday night. He is the director of graduate studies, but also my POI, so perhaps he connected with me directly before the other acceptances are released.
  11. Got accepted at Tulane!!! Woohoooo! New Orleans baby!
  12. Can anyone confirm the UBC acceptance ?
  13. Hopefully we hear by the end of this week.
  14. I suspect they also release a little later because their application deadline isn't until February 15th.
  15. Likewise! You have any idea about how many applications they get? Can't find any info myself.