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    Stereotypes, bias, prejudice, social hierarchies within groups
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    Social Psychology, PhD; Criminology PhD
  1. I brought Mexican sweet bread to have with my tea this morning. I left it in the break room with my tea while I went to the office to set my things down and when I came back the bread was gone. My tea however is still there. I had set both items at the table on the same napkin and the cup has my name on it. I'm kind of annoyed.
  2. Hello all, I will be attending UCI this fall. I have already accepted their offer. I'm just waiting to finalize my summer plans so I know when I'll be able to move before I apply for on campus housing.
  3. I don't know how you cannot be angry... I'd be furious... I hope that the situation has a positive outcome for you. Best of luck
  4. Congratulations @psychout129 and @hd397 thank you so much for sharing! Best wishes to you both as you make your decisions.
  5. That makes sense recalling the phone interview. However at the time I felt like I had blown any chance of being selected. As soon as the phone call ended I went back to look up the answer. I honestly still cringe thinking back at the whole thing. But in the end, I guess it wasn't as horrible as I thought.
  6. Thank you, but really the interview was horrible. The interviewer only had 2 questions and I didn't know the answer to one. I think I was only saved because I was honest when I didn't know the answer to the questions. At the same time I provided examples of how I would go about finding such answers and how I've handled similar situations in the past.
  7. Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing, it is really encouraging to see people accepted off of the waitlist.
  8. Congratulations @warwick, @RoadtoPhD, and all others that have already made their decision. Making a choice can be extremely difficult, but finally making a decision is a huge relief. Best wishes and good luck to all those still trying to make their final choice.
  9. Good luck to all of you still trying to make decisions. I'll be honest my decision was pretty simple, UCI had been my top choice entering into the application process. Although I was admitted and waitlisted at other programs I made my decision based on the impression I got during my visits. The faculty members, the students, the feel of the campus were the most important factors for me. Although I think I would have been happy with any of the programs that I applied to. Best wishes to all as you make your final choice.
  10. I agree with @BRKS,my labmate received an informal acceptance for one program in early February, just last week she received her formal acceptance but is still waiting for her funding information. They let her know that she should receive it in a few weeks. And one of the schools I was accepted to told me at the time of my acceptance (Feb. 14) that they wouldn't be able to give final funding details until their final budget was approved.
  11. Shocked I received my formal acceptance email a few hours after the surprise phone interview. I was sure I had bombed and was no longer under consideration.
  12. I had been pretty close to all my letter writers so they knew I was planning to apply for grad school two years before I applied. They had been advising me throughout my time as an undergraduate student. I informally asked if they would consider writing my letters of recommendation the spring of 2016 (I applied in the fall of 2016 to attend fall of 2017). Then I formally asked them again in early summer of 2016 and gave them a list of schools and programs I was applying to along with my CV, transcripts, and pertinent background information. Edit: Best of luck with your application journey.
  13. Just had the worst phone interview ever!!! :( I wish I could crawl into a hole somewhere and never be seen again. 

    Goodbye Mexican summer research trip :'(

    1. OptimiscallyAnxious


      OMG, a few hours after the surprise interview I received an email officially accepting me into the summer research program. I'm stunned. :huh:

    2. vroomfondel


      Lol. Same here. I had a terrible interview followed by acceptance.

    3. BlueNahlchee


      Phone interviews can be tough. But hey, you got accepted! That's all it matters :) Congrats!!

  14. I just had the most horrible phone interview for a summer research program. I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out again. I was completely unprepared for the call, the director called without warning.
  15. I'm just waiting for the housing department to answer a few questions before I apply. I emailed them on Monday so hopefully I hear back soon.