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  1. Noticing some Emory rejections/waitlists on the results board...does anyone know how those notifications are going out? Best of luck everyone...this week seems to be a big week for notifications!
  2. Bummer! If you don't mind me asking, how did they notify you?
  3. Anyone care to claim the inquiry call to BC that was posted on the results board? Any details on if they mailed their letters like previous years or notified accepted students differently?
  4. Got the same Columbia deal. Was your offer for the MA program funded? Also waiting on a few of the same places. Fingers crossed!
  5. Gender/sexuality, higher education, violence, & law/policy. What about you?
  6. Has anyone heard from SUNY Stony Brook or NYU?
  7. Congrats! When is Vanderbilt's interview weekend?
  8. Does anyone know any tentative dates for schools that have interview weekends? I'm a full time professional and am starting to have to work commitments on weekends in Jan/Feb. It would be great to know in advance to hold just in case.