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  1. Berkeley has just about the same prestige as Harvard, and you can still always say "I got into Harvard." I actually lived in Cambridge, MA for a short while and around the area, the H Grad School of Education is perceived as the "easiest" H school to get into, compared to the Kennedy School, Law School etc. PhD > Masters If I were you, I would definitely choose Berkeley.
  2. I wonder if there's a way to tactfully and respectfully ask the dept/admissions committee about their thoughts on the senior faculty retiring soon? If they do retire, are their other faculty at the school whose research you like and can at least transfer over to? If the sr members are well known it might be worth it to work with them for at least a couple years IMO. Also I'm in a different field than you; not sure if that matters though.
  3. I've been debating these offers for a few weeks now and I could use fresh perspectives. These are both Clinical Psychology PhD programs. Rowan, pros: Affordable tuition (relative to other program) Good research fit; hear good things about POI Suburban area with affordable living, but Philly is not too far away (for possible externships) Faculty and students were all great during interview days; I'd really get along with everyone Rowan, cons: In the process of getting APA accreditation (not too worried about this; knowledgable people at R1s say they will 99% get it) GA/TA money possible, but not guaranteed Uncertainty of whether I can pursue Neuropsychology route-- which I am REALLY interested in at this point No outcomes data yet Yeshiva, pros: Neuropsychology track and also has good reputation as a neuropsych program NYC area = near major hospitals, clinics, research centers, etc. Time to completion is below average across programs; it usually takes 5 years flat Good research fit; neuroscience/neuropsych research = better chance of getting neuropsych externship & APA internship Good outcomes data for the past 4 years, >78% APA internship acceptances Potentially save on rent by commuting from NJ APA accredited Yeshiva, cons: Tuition tuition tuition!! My family said they can help with this (I will not need to take out loans), but is it really a good idea to pay 100k+ in tuition? This is supposed to be a PhD program, not PsyD.. flat rate full-time tuition does not even decrease in years 3 and 4 GA/TA money possible, but not guaranteed If I commute from NJ, that would mean driving 1hr+ pretty much daily and also means living even longer with my parents.. Thoughts, please please, anyone?
  4. Hey, someone posted on the results board regarding CUNY Queens- Clinical Psychology PhD. Thought I'd start a new thread here instead of having a convo on the board. I followed up with the adcom a month ago and was told I'm wait-listed (which it seems you are as well). Do you mind sharing your POI, either here or PM? It seems that this year's cohort is only six people, based on what your POI said? There were 23 applicants the day I interviewed; I'm wondering if that's a lot of only 6 slots. I'm not even sure there was another interview day, but I'm guessing there must have been? I wish we could know where we sit on the list! I'm holding two other offers (still deciding b/w those which I like better), but if I'm accepted at this school, I'm 95% sure I'm dropping the others.
  5. When I followed up with a school after hearing nothing, I was told me in a pretty ambiguous way that I was wait-listed. Something like: "It's unlikely that we will be able to extend you admission given a long wait list..." It was pretty unclear and weird. I didn't/don't really understand why I wasn't rejected outright? I was never told I was on the wait-list in the first place.
  6. Matlab and R are also very frequently used. Learning one language is hard enough so you can always just start with Python. I've heard it's a good 1st language to learn. This has been a goal of mine as well but unfortunately haven't progressed too much yet! What resources are you planning to use to learn?
  7. Thanks. I heard different things- sometimes in the letter, sometimes even only after someone commits to the program, so I guess this varies by school. I received an acceptance email tonight stating the official letter will follow so I'm hoping to get a nice surprise..
  8. To those who have received Diversity or some other scholarship-- did you hear about it in the initial email/phone call, or did they tell you afterwards like in the formal letter?
  9. This is so tricky! Clearly there are a lot of us who are in this similar mess. I almost wish there was a formal "match" system like internship!
  10. @Sjbionia @HopefullyDr I'm right there with you guys. Wait-listed at my #1 and accepted to a decent but not ideal program. I, too, really don't like making the other school wait. I wish I could know where I am on the wait-list -- is it appropriate to email them (maybe in a week or so, or late March if I haven't heard) to find out more specifically where I rank? Is that too pushy? What scares me is that I know someone currently enrolled in my #1 program who got off wait-list on April 14th . Moreover, my colleague heard from his school that same day too a few years ago. I'm really hoping that does NOT happen!
  11. Thanks! I'll look into these!
  12. I'm sorry you've been rejected this cycle. If you don't need to restudy for GRE, would it be too hectic for you to plan a wedding for this Nov/Dec? Since you already applied, applying again shouldn't be too time-consuming? If you don't need to have a huge, perfect wedding, you'll probably be able to plan something by December. I'm from the Northeast and here (and probably everywhere), the hardest thing to pick tends to be the venue. The "typical" NJ/NYC wedding plan is getting a banquet hall that includes almost everything (like apps/entrees, drinks, utensils, chairs etc), so you just worry about invitations, photographer, and flowers, and clothes pretty much. If something like that's available in your area, I don't think it would be impossible or too stressful to plan a wedding starting now. Also luckily we live in the internet age and there are a wealth of resources available because our culture is so wedding-crazed! Of course I'm throwing this all out there without knowing if 2017 is actually an option for you. I suggest it because I cannot imagine being in the midst of wedding madness AND worrying about interviewing. OR, planning wedding AND be in my first year of doctoral studies. IMO, it would be much better to do everything separate. But everyone's different. One of my best friends planned her wedding in her first year of MD residency at a high-stress hospital working 80+ hours a week (though she had the privilege of not worrying about $$ at all).
  13. Hi everyone! I'm considering becoming a student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. I ideally want to live without roommates in a studio or 1-bedroom apt, but also not spend a fortune on rent. Cheapest I've seen in Glassboro is $800 which is not horrible. I'm considering other options to see if I can do even better. I hear Philly is 20 minutes away, so something near Philly may work! I'm willing to commute 30-45 mins. Does anyone know of safe (and hopefully cheaper) towns towards NJ? I can look up the distance to Rowan myself if anyone can throw out safe town names? Gracias.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm considering becoming a student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. I ideally want to live without roommates in a studio or 1-bedroom apt, but also not spend a fortune on rent. Cheapest I've seen in Glassboro is $800 which is not horrible. I'm considering other options to see if I can do even better. Does anyone know of safe towns that are a 30-45 minute drive from Rowan (in any direction) that I can look into? I hear Philly is 20 minutes away, so neighboring Philly towns may work! Thanks!
  15. CUNY Queens sent out invites before Christmas and my interview day was in mid/late January. I haven't seen any decision statuses at all on the results page nor on these threads. Does anyone have any info? Looking at past decisions, it seems like they tend to give notice by now..