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  1. I agree with EPI_2016 that 20 hours sounds like a lot to take on, especially during the first couple of years while you are taking classes. Is there a minimum hour requirement at Berkeley? It sounds like you would be set there with funding, which is definitely an important consideration. Will you find out about funding from Columbia before they require a decision?
  2. I have 2 dogs and am currently in a master's program. I'll be starting a PhD next year. Dogs are a lot of work, as you probably already know, but I cannot imagine my life without my boys. I live pretty close to campus, so the first year I just made sure I came home every 5-6 hours to let them out. This year I actually hired a dog walker, which is basically where all my money goes. Nonetheless, I actually think having a dog in grad school is easier than having a dog in the "real world." I am not in a lab based program, so I can easily work from home. My schedule is pretty flexible, aside from having to be on campus for class, so it makes it easy to spend time with my pups. It also forces me to exercise and get out of the house (especially on the weekends, when I could easily stay in and work all day). Anyway, in sum, I think you can make it work-it just requires some trade-offs and sacrifices.
  3. I have not heard back, which I assuming is not a good sign. What are you research interests?
  4. Thanks for the positive words! Congrats on all your acceptances. Did you hear back from UCSF today?
  5. I applied 12/1 and have not heard :/. I did get accepted into Emory's program yesterday!
  6. Yeah, I just learned that they do rolling admissions. If I had known I would have tried to apply a littler earlier. Anyway, thanks!
  7. Do you know what early admit means? Does that mean you get considered for priority funding or is it just because you applied early? Thanks!
  8. Any UCSF updates?
  9. Excellent-thanks!
  10. Congratulations!! Who emailed you when they asked you to upload transcripts? I wan to email for an update, but am not sure the correct person to message. Thanks!
  11. Ok, thanks. I am wondering if they are looking at the applications in order of submission. Anyway, I suppose it is best just to relax and let the chips fall where they may!
  12. Oooh that is good to know-thanks for the update! If you don't mind me asking, when did you submit your application?
  13. Ah, ok that is good to know. I had expected that they would get them out before February, but maybe not. I was just assuming that I wasn't going to get one.
  14. Have they sent interview requests from Yale?
  15. No problem! If you go to the top of this page there is a tab that says results. Here is the web address: http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/.