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  1. how long do you think it's appropriate to wait before contacting your POI abt you app status? i thanked mine via email after meeting her at visiting/interview day but she didn't reply and now i'm just waiting to hear back.
  2. this is for clinical psych at a Canadian university... waiting is the worst
  3. Sorry to hear that. But you're so close! Do most schools let you know that you are waitlisted after interview/visiting day?
  4. This post is what dreamz r made of
  5. that's such good advice - thank you! here i was thinking how awkward it was going to be individually emailing each person who interviewed me (i was also in a group interview) but this makes so much more sense.
  6. Cool thank you guys! Good luck and hope you both hear back soon
  7. What is the consensus on contacting your poi after an interview? Is it desperate or appreciative to thank someone for their time? Bc even if you really are thankful to have met them, I think the underlying msg is always like... When am I going to hear abt a decision?
  8. maybe try emailing the grad secretary? i've done that a few times, ha
  9. what was the interview process like like at Waterloo?
  10. I would start by trying the grad secretary and if they don't know, Id advise emailing your POI. Be really dipolomatic in your email, tell your POI that you're excited to have made it this far and you would appreciate any info they could give you on your rank on the wait list and/or when you might hear for sure. I would pose it less as a direct question and more of a 'if you could give me any further info it would be greatly appreciated.' Sorry you're feeling so disappointed. This process is really gruelling
  11. it was down a few days ago too. </3
  12. i didn't interview at ryerson but i don't think it would be the worst thing to contact your POI thanking them for their time etc. i wouldnt explicitly ask about the status of your application but it might help you to hear back sooner? (assuming you haven't already done this)
  13. i literally just heard back from her after 4 days (not that long in the world of academia, i know, or any world really). crying tears of happiness. thank you gradcafe friends. it's the little things!
  14. i know, it's the worst. she has provided me w/ references in the past and our relationship was positive but it's been over 2 yrs since we last touched base. thanks for the advice! ill try that
  15. thanks! this school only required 2 but i think b/c my POI recognized the name of someone i have worked w/ in the past, she also wanted to hear from them. unfortunately i haven't been able to get in touch w this person