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  1. I do this too!! I started after I completed an online Post-bacc program. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding
  2. James Madison University has an online program that starts every 2 years in the Summer. This summer they are starting another online cohort I believe so Summer 2019 will be the next. I applied there and got rejected. I heard they're very into high GRE/GPA!
  3. I spent SOOO much time on ASHA ed find before I applied trying to find schools that were in my GPA/GRE range. Even though I knew I wouldn't go to a school more than 5 or 6 hours away, I looked at every state and every school to see what I thought my chances were. I thought my grades were pretty average, and was looking to find just one school I thought I'd fit into perfectly. I ended up applying to 11 schools because I scared and worried myself to the point where I barely even believed I'd get in anywhere. I spent over $1000 on apps (and because I took the GRE twice). Fast forward to the end of April and I have gotten into 4 schools, one of them being my top school that was way out of my grade range according to ASHA ed find. Long story short, if there is anything that I have learned from this experience, it's to give yourself a little more credit and believe that you will get in somewhere!! I wish I applied to half the schools I did and saved money. Write an awesome personal essay, have a job or two related to the field on your resume, have decent grades, and I'm confident you will get in somewhere! One thing I don't regret is taking the GRE a second time. I boosted my verbal score 5 points (145 to 150) and that definitely helped me in my opinion.
  4. @SpeechLaedy CONGRATS!!! so happy for you!!
  5. I think you guys should send these schools emails on monday or sometime next week considering today is the deadline for most students to accept their seats! So I'm assuming starting next week is when a lot of schools will send out second rounds of acceptances or people will be accepted off of waitlists. I think that sending an email reiterating your interest in the program can only help you!! Don't make it lengthy, like @ahun17 said, short and sweet will be just fine!
  6. I got a job this past September as a Teacher's Aide in a school for children with developmental disabilities! I work in the kindergarten classroom (ages 4-7). I really believe having this job on my resume helped me a tremendous amount when applying. I'm getting a great deal of experience working with kids, and I get to shadow SLP's whenever I want during my 15 min break or lunch.
  7. Pretty sure you can go anywhere for your CFY. For example if you look up job openings on sites like indeed.com you can see places looking for an SLP, but are also willing to hire someone going into their CFY.
  8. SUNY New Paltz https://www.facebook.com/groups/272784066496669/
  9. I'm seeing a lot of decisions from Hofstra on the results page!!
  10. Yeah I just got accepted on Saturday and I applied January 14th! They're definitely doing it in waves.
  11. I got an acceptance to Adelphi yesterday! Most likely declining the offer though because of the price.
  12. I just got accepted into New Paltz!!!! This is my top choice so you can imagine how insanely happy I am right now
  13. Yeah I had mine with Dr. Bower... she was very nice and welcoming! And yes I agree, the questions definitely made me think twice.
  14. I agree! Their application process was super annoying. I sent everything to the Graduate Admissions office in Brooklyn. By the time I saw that the website said to send everything to Massachusetts, I had already mailed my recommenders the envelopes pre-addressed to Brooklyn (because that's where it says to mail them on the recommendation forms). I called the admissions office and they told me it didn't matter which place I sent it to, so I just decided to send all my materials to Brooklyn. My application status says everything was received, but it still says "under departmental review."
  15. Congrats!!!! Mine still hasn't changed...ugh.