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  1. I'm seeing a lot of decisions from Hofstra on the results page!!
  2. Yeah I just got accepted on Saturday and I applied January 14th! They're definitely doing it in waves.
  3. I got an acceptance to Adelphi yesterday! Most likely declining the offer though because of the price.
  4. I just got accepted into New Paltz!!!! This is my top choice so you can imagine how insanely happy I am right now
  5. Yeah I had mine with Dr. Bower... she was very nice and welcoming! And yes I agree, the questions definitely made me think twice.
  6. I agree! Their application process was super annoying. I sent everything to the Graduate Admissions office in Brooklyn. By the time I saw that the website said to send everything to Massachusetts, I had already mailed my recommenders the envelopes pre-addressed to Brooklyn (because that's where it says to mail them on the recommendation forms). I called the admissions office and they told me it didn't matter which place I sent it to, so I just decided to send all my materials to Brooklyn. My application status says everything was received, but it still says "under departmental review."
  7. Congrats!!!! Mine still hasn't changed...ugh.
  8. Have you had your interview at New Paltz yet? I have mine on Sunday and am super anxious!!
  9. SUNY Plattsburgh is $250 too! Kind of surprised it isn't more. Happy because if I pay the deposit but change my mind and go elsewhere, $250 isn't THAT much to lose (in comparison to other schools). Mine goes right towards my tuition in the fall.
  10. I actually have my bachelors from a totally unrelated field- Television Production! I graduated in May of 2015 and in my last semester of school, I took a Deaf Culture & Heritage class that introduced me to the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. I signed up for my schools online Post-Bacc program the summer after I graduated to see if I really liked the profession as much as I thought, and I did. At first, I really loved Audiology and wanted to go to school for that, but it didn't take long for me to switch over to SLP. So from Summer 2015- Summer 2016 I did the Post-Bacc program, and in August 2016 I began working as a Teacher Aide in a 4-7 year old total communication classroom for children with developmental disabilities. I knew I had to have something on my resume that was related to the field because without that job, all I had on there was babysitting. Luckily at my school they allow me to shadow SLP's in my lunch/break time, so I was able to add that to my resume as well. I took the GRE in November of 2016 and ended up doing not so good on the Verbal, so I took it again in December. I scored 5 points higher, which still left me with a completely average score, but I didn't have time to take it again. I decided to apply to 11 schools because I knew all of my scores/GPA were nothing to brag about. So far, I've been rejected to 2 and accepted to 1! I really did cry when I opened up that acceptance email... I've worked my butt off the past 2 years and it's amazing to see my hard work paying off If I never took that Deaf Culture class to fill free space in my schedule I'm 100% positive I wouldn't be where I am today.
  11. I'm still waiting on Salus, Adelphi, LIU Brooklyn, East Stroudsburg, Molloy, Iona, and SUNY New Paltz. I saw acceptances for East Stroudsburg already so I'm guessing that'll be a rejection/wait list. And Iona's deadline just passed so I'm not expecting to hear from them any time soon (along with LIU Brooklyn). I already had an interview with Molloy, but haven't heard back and I have an interview with New Paltz later this week. I already got accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh, so if I don't get in to New Paltz I'll most likely go there because of the in-state tuition. We'll see! Just wanna hear back from all the schools 😩
  12. I got accepted into SUNY Plattsburgh today!!! Cried tears of joy
  13. Yup! I got an email for their open house today too
  14. So I have an interview this week, and decided to brush up on the school and their program. As I was reading their FAQ's, I noticed this about interviews : "Each candidate will participate in a "proficiency" measure of knowledge of the basic sciences (as defined by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)." What do you think this means?? Will I get a test or something about the ASHA courses that are required?