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  1. I got into my program with average GRE scores, no publications, 1 international conference (and I wasn't even 1st author). But there was a lot of experience that, now, after applying, is turning into hella papers and publications. Shows that fit is EXTREMELY important and that if those things are in the works, you also might be okay.
  2. Anyone headed to Lexington this fall? I haven't really seen anyone from my area of interest... Anyways, hi!
  3. Anyone have any suggestions for apartment complexes near campus that aren't filled with undergrads? Hoping for within 1 mile from campus!
  4. Thank you both! Still shaking and in complete shock but so incredibly thrilled!
  5. Accepted off the waitlist at the University of Kentucky! Don't give up hope, everyone! There is still time!
  6. Sorry you were rejected from waitlist...but UC Irvine is a GREAT school!! Congrats!!
  7. Extended to someone else, but I have the feeling that this POI may want both and could only extend to 1 to start with. The person they offered to is a rockstar and was at interviews with me and had more publications so I totally respect the decision to offer to them first if it is that case. But yeah. Can only stay hopeful now!
  8. Wait for your official letter. I was given one of these unofficial offers from a POI and then waitlisted after they met as a committee :/
  9. I just got an email from a POI I'm waitlisted with who has me as their first choice but is looking for funding. They just wanted to check in and see if I had any questions and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for the "do's and don'ts" in this type of situation. For example, I should probably still show that I'm very interested in this position, explain any questions I have, etc. But anyone else have any advice that helped them out? Or something that a POI might really like to hear in response to an email like this?
  10. Can the person accepted at Kentucky please PM me their POI?? I'm waitlisted there and dying.
  11. If anyone on this forum gets off waitlist, you should also share it here so we can all live vicariously through you and feel that there is still hope in this world!!
  12. Can the person who got accepted from University of Kentucky please PM me their POI? Thank you!
  13. That sounds a lot more like an offer to me! Congrats on that! Another school I'm waitlisted at is having the same funding issue...my POI had to let younger faculty fill spots in their lab first, as is typical in situations like that.
  14. Just a heads up, my current mentor told me that usually wait-list people aren't notified until mid-late March since that's really when most people make decisions unless they are offered at their dream school earlier and withdraw everywhere else.
  15. I'm honestly thinking it's good news though...whoever is ahead of me must have this school as a back up. Here's to hoping they get their first choice!!