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  1. I was waitlisted at EWU today! I thought I'd be rejected because I had issues connecting with them to Skype.
  2. Oh yeah, and Idaho!! Still waiting on them too. Hah. I don't even remember where I applied anymore.
  3. Still waiting on EWU, WWU, WSU (99% sure rejection since I didn't get an interview though), CSUN, Redlands, and RMUofHP. You know, only most of my schools.
  4. YES! I cannot begin to fathom what's about to happen if I go to school in Virginia. I need to win the lottery ASAP. (too bad I don't play the lottery).
  5. Hmmmm, so you'd recommend that if I go there and want some diversity, to live in Blacksburg? I have two daughters to consider, and offering them an environment filled with as much diversity as possible is important to me. I too have lots of tattoos (that I plan on covering during clinic) and am a bit of a liberal feminist. I do like the idea of living in a beautiful place though. Thank you very much for your perspective!
  6. It's how they do everything (not complaining, just the truth). If you get accepted, expect the same with department permission for classes each semester. It definitely forces you to learn patience, hah!
  7. I saw that too, and was rather grateful for the update! Thanks for letting us know.
  9. WWU (Western Washington University) has a posting on their page that they anticipate acceptances to begin 3/17 (TODAY) and 3/18 (WHOAH), but no waitlists or rejections until 3/28 or so. I would really like to hear from them today or tomorrow. haha! Anybody else waiting on WWU? And I'm still waiting on EWU (Eastern Washington U), which I interviewed with on 3/9. Anyone know anything about when to expect to hear from EWU? I'm over this process. I'm so glad I've been accepted somewhere because my nerves can't handle the insecurity and uncertainty! Now to just wait, wait, wait.
  10. Totally strange!! Yet, I respect them for telling me blankly that it'll take awhile and when I should realistically hear back instead of just being strung along (like other schools).
  11. Me too. The saga is over. No Pacific U for us. I'm okay with it.
  12. I haven't accepted an offer yet. Most of the programs I applied to are making me wait. The one I've been accepted to, I really like, but I need to be able to compare all my choices.
  13. Did anyone else get an email from Idaho State University about where they are with applications and that they'll start going over prereqs next week (and won't have the first round of notifications out until about 4/1)? They wanted to know if I (or whomever else received the email) had accepted another school's offer to let them know ASAP to make decisions go quicker.
  14. I go to CSUN for my undergrad. I wouldn't expect anything until around the end of the month or (more realistically) the beginning of April. I don't think they've even started looking at applications from what I've heard.
  15. I emailed her. Nothing. My ego is hurting.