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  1. I'm feeling the pain here. How do you get a place to rent to you if you have no job in the new state? Do you show them your loan info? I'm sure many of you are having parents cosign, but that is not an option for me. I've never moved without having a job waiting for me. I've also never moved out of state!
  2. I feel like I went through a roller coaster ride just to make a decision on a school. First, I was only accepted to a school on the opposite side of the country that had a program I loved with faculty that seemed fantastic and incredibly supportive. Then I looked into the cost of relocating my family that far to a place that we weren't sure if we wanted to settle down at after grad school, and the move alone would cost close to $10 grand plus we'd have no family even remotely nearby. I had to make the decision to give myself a gap-year over dragging my whole family that far (there was a bit more to it than that: political views, quality of diversity, etc). It was tough. Right before I sent my rejection letter, I was admitted to the graduate program at my undergrad, which sounded great because of the cost of tuition and no need to move my family. However, then I was taken off the waitlist at a school I have dreamed of going to (mostly due to the location), and it requires moving my family. But the move is to a location we want to stay at after graduation, a program that only lasts 2 years instead of 2.5-3 years, and not too far from familial support. Is it the cheapest option? No. But the move would be about half the cost of the one across country, and it seemed to have more positives. I didn't want to stay at my undergrad once I had that offer because I want to go to grad school somewhere I can stay after more than having to relocate again in 2-3 years (when my kids would be less adaptive to a move). I know, it's super messy and in the end it really didn't come down to the best program for me but more so the best choice for my whole family. I hope to never have to go through this process again.
  3. CONGRATS!!! You must be thrilled and relieved!!! (I know that's how I felt getting into WWU, a dream school for me).
  4. YOU DID IT!!!! Congrats!!!! You're on your way to becoming a speech-language pathologist.
  5. It is so tough to have to make a call like this!! (Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED and grateful to have this sort of problem, and I am sure you are too). The GA position and in-state tuition sounds REAL nice!! Right when you think you've made up your mind, SLAM! Another great choice is offered. For us (my family), we have dreamed of moving to Washington (specifically Bellingham) for years so it's the location I find hard to turn down. Both schools seem like a good place for me to get a degree, although WWU has a smaller cohort (they actually HAVE a lock-step cohort system whereas at CSUN you just get whatever classes you get and hope for the best). We will be in quite a lot more debt, but we'd be living in a town still on the west coast (only a 7-8 hour drive from family, not 7 hour flight), and not just waiting two or three more years to find where we'll settle. We'd move our children now (they're ages 5 and 8 so they're still young enough for a move to not upset their world too much) instead of in 2.5-3 years when my oldest would be entering middle school (worst time). Although staying here in LA is cheaper tuition (huge), it is not where we want to be raising children.
  6. WOW!!! Congrats!!??! That is a tough decision to make. 24 hours is not a long time to respond. What does your gut tell you to do? I know I just got an offer from WWU with 3 days to decide, after I already accepted at CSUN (my undergrad). I'm going for it, and just realized I now have a big move to plan. Good luck with your decision!! I grew up near Redlands so I might be able to answer some questions if you have any.
  7. So I recently accepted my offer from CSUN, my undergrad, but just got off the waitlist at Western Washington U yesterday, which is a school I'd rather go to (but the out of state tuition- OUCH!). I am very excited about this, but I feel bad about accepting an offer and then going back on my word. It is a position I never expected to be in.
  8. I was accepted at Western Washington University today. Now I am back to not knowing where I'll be attending. Ack!!
  9. It looks like I'm going to CSUN, where I'm completing my undergrad! I guess I am a matador for life, hahahaaaa! Although I was accepted (and waitlisted) at other schools that seemed like fantastic programs, the reality comes down to finances. I just don't have the funds for out of state without breaking the bank, and I have my family to consider. If it were only me and I was 22 or 23, I would have gone across the country to the school that had research in the field of study I am most interested in. However, priorities change, and I am looking forward to NOT have to move over the summer.
  10. I sent you a pm. I will be attending CSUN for grad school because the amount of debt I would incur is much less than my other option (even though I loved the other school very much).
  11. Oh wow, how confusing!! Did you email them for clarification? I only received one letter, an acceptance, thankfully.
  12. ...annnnnnnnnd the results are in. Finally.
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Thanks for your thoughts there. I haven't heard back from them yet, so I am assuming I didn't get in (I had already come to the conclusion about the price of RMU being too high for my own personal situation before my interview). I was only referring to a potential move to another state for another school. The whole "loan forgiveness being potentially not honored" thing should be taken under very serious consideration. Sorry for the confusion, it was after reading about the loan forgiveness part of this thread, not RMU.