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  1. I am not sure, I am assuming you're on the waitlist if you didn't receive an email about funding, but if you were accepted I definitely think it's worth emailing her and asking. I got a call from a grad student there on Monday night and that's why I knew about funding coming out today (I think a few others on GC got a call as well), but funding was always supposed to be announced in March so I would totally email and ask. Good luck!
  2. That's awesome - I am also into feminist and queer lit but my focus is primarily in Victorian women's authors, Gothic Lit, and male depictions of female narrators. VU does have strong Gender Studies faculty (plus the certificate!) but nothing specifically in what I'm interested. I definitely also feel a TAship is an advantage, which is also pushing me toward CU. CU is so gorgeous!! My sister lives in Fort Collins and my family 6 hours from Boulder, so the closeness to my family is a huge perk. I will almost certainly choose CU at this point, and UIUC sounds great for you! I feel the same about Villanova being unranked, and everyone I have talked to from there has talked about how they have had trouble placing MA students into PhD programs in recent years. Good luck either way! Congratulations again on all of your acceptances!
  3. Thank you for that info! CU is offering me a TAship in the English department which comes with salary + tuition waiver for one semester, and I can TA in the women's studies department and work in the writing center to fund me for the other 3 semesters, so even if I receive funding from Villanova before April 15th, I'm not sure if I would choose it over CU because I will receive funding there for sure and I think it might be a better fit for me. Dr. Hicks told me I will most likely receive funding based on my waitlist position, but it might be after April 15th, so I will most likely decline. I am going to wait until maybe April 1st to decide for sure though. Congratulations on the funding offer, though!!! Are you thinking VU?
  4. I agree, I was kind of surprised! Not sure how many students got offered funding packages either. I think they probably anticipate that lots of students will decline the offer/drop off the waitlist? I am #7 on the funding waitlist and she said it was likely I would receive a funding offer, but I may not hear back before April 15th (meaning I would have to initially accept without funding) so I am probably going with a different school.
  5. To those waitlisted for funding (like myself) I will most likely be declining my offer, so at least that will mean movement on the list!!! just heard from Dr. Hicks that I am #7 on the waitlist. Not sure if I should wait a while to accept my other offer?
  6. I am on the funding waitlist. Dr. Hicks said I am "high on the waitlist" but it may be weeks before I find out if I am going to receive funding. I was leaning toward CU, so I guess this is a sign. Will most likely decline my offer
  7. Thank you
  8. Would you be willing to provide the new professor's name?
  9. I got a call as well! Nothing yet, though
  10. Actually just got a call from a current student at Villanova to answer any questions I might have and she said funding decisions will be out within the next two days, in case anyone else is wondering!
  11. I am not sure if it matters if it is a Canadian school or not, but I had the same sort of preconceived notion that PhD was preferable to an MA program, even if you only have a BA, but I have been talking to a lot of people on here and some professors that seem to disagree. Getting an MA first can make you a much more competitive applicant when you do apply to PhD programs again, and if the program provides some good funding options, I don't think you can go wrong, especially if you like the program and you see yourself doing well there. I am in a really similar position and was disappointed because I always thought going straight into a PhD was ideal, but having a few options for an MA program has made me consider other options and realize that an MA really might be best for me based on what I know about myself and the feedback I have gotten from others. You could always take a break and reapply (something I'm also considering), but there is the chance that you still won't get into PhD programs next cycle and you will end up wasting a year. That is a SUPER pessimistic thought, but it's definitely one that's been plaguing me as I consider taking a gap year to improve my applications. It's risky, but you were waitlisted at two universities, so maybe if you think you can improve your apps significantly you should go for it! I don't think you would be at a loss taking the MA; it would probably put you in a much better position when you apply to PhD programs again, and more school/perspective/learning is never a bad thing. This is how I am choosing to look at it anyway! I am not sure about the Canadian v. American MA situation, but if UBC is a good fit for your research interests, it would probably be okay. I think it would be wise to wait to hear back from the other schools. I was rejected from MN and my advisor reached out to the DGS there and he said they are much more likely to admit students that already have an MA based on the current financial situation at the university and the job market in general. I bet if you got an MA and reapplied at MN, you would definitely get accepted considering your research still fits and they are accepting Medieval students when you apply. Overall, I don't see an MA hurting you and if it's not a financial burden, you should definitely consider going for it.
  12. I am so curious though!!! Have you heard back from them at all?
  13. Has anyone heard back from Villanova concerning funding? I thought we would have heard by now since we're well into March. I know we have until April 15th to officially decide, but I am eager to accept another offer. I am, however, curious to see what (if anything) Villanova will offer me in funding.
  14. Out of upvotes but yay!