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  1. Me too! Decatur seems like a pretty cool place. Hope all is well!
  2. I second what @aud18 said. Also, I generally don't like to plug products, but the Kaplan Premier was a tremendous help for me with all three parts of the exam. The book is about $40 (only prep I used, studied for 1.5 months), and the online content is pretty much exactly what you'd find on the exam. If you're thinking about retaking it, I'd put some serious consideration into Kaplan Premier (I used the 2016 version, but the 2017 version should be out now). Best of luck with the rest of the process!
  3. Hey! I'm mostly having a difficult time figuring out housing arrangements. Going to have to make a visit from NJ to GA before August. And yeah, they sent a zip file with a bunch of information a few days ago (I think it was program specific, though!).
  4. Just found this thread. I'll also be there in the fall! Can't wait.
  5. I know this thread has slowed but is anybody else headed to Emory in the Fall?!
  6. Accepted to UNC BBSP
  7. Accepted to Dartmouth MCB with a fellowship!
  8. Accepted to Emory GMB!
  9. I'm in the same situation (for UCI). I'm fairly certain they're going to try their best to set up a Skype interview with most, if not all of the faculty members I was going to meet with at a later date. Probably the same for UCSB.
  10. Congrats!! Heading there tomorrow!
  11. Hey is anybody interviewing at Emory this weekend?
  12. I second @CalicoCat's response. There was nothing that daunting about the experience. If you're confident and familiar with your research and can express it with passion, you'll likely notice that a half hour to an hour has passed by in a blink of an eye. If you love science (which I assume you do), some of these interviews are even fun, as you may learn some really cool new things along the way. Anyway, best of luck!!
  13. Anybody interviewing for Dartmouth MCB this weekend??
  14. Obv. it's better if everything is in on time, but it's my understanding that adcoms recognize that PIs are really busy (since they are PIs themselves) and will generally be forgiving of this, given everything else is in order. If you are competitive/look like a good fit with everything else, they may hold off reviewing you until it gets in. Ultimately this part is out of your control and all you can do is hope for the best!
  15. No, I have been using my university email, which is ultimately an Outlook account. But thanks for the info on gmail