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  1. Accepted to UCLA IMMP !
  2. How much does ranking matter to you when selecting which graduate program to attend?
  3. Has anyone heard from UCSF BMS?
  4. How would you approach a rejection from a school you interviewed at? Should I email them and ask if they have any paticular reasons or improvements?
  5. I was wondering when is it ok to email the Program Director asking if the acceptances have been sent out? Thanks guys!
  6. Has anyone heard back from UCBERKELEY PMB since their interview weekend?
  7. Does anyone know what UCB PMB or UCSF BMS post interview acceptance are?
  8. Official Stanford rejection. I suspected it but it always hurts to see it in print.
  9. Stanford is killing me. I have never refreshed my email so often before. Has anyone received Stanford interview for microbiology?
  10. I have NYU interviews this Friday ( 01/13) I just got my interview schedule 2 HR ago.
  11. The NYU sackler interview is this upcoming weekend... has anyone received a schedule ?
  12. Hi, i have been following this page and I can't seem to find many people that have receive interview invites from Standford biosciences. I was wondering if they're out or if they really are waiting until next week (Jan 9) like it says in their FAQ?