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  1. I just made a very difficult decision. I turned down a top ten school in favor of another (not top ten). My next hardest email is going to be turning down a funded offer in favor of an unfunded offer.
  2. I personally use them to drink water. I tend to bend at the waist and guide the water into the hole at the bottom of my face, just above my chin.
  3. ... with 1 reply
  4. I didn't mean to make this thread awkward, but someone who takes on the name "guest123456" is a coward.
  5. People just come out of the woodwork. Cowards.
  6. Great and well-informed response.
  7. I'm so disappointed... no funding to the last school I was waiting to hear from. It's a shame that schools dole out money based on what is on paper. I am very intelligent and very qualified. I have great GPA's and GRE scores. I guess there are some people that are better. I wish these committees could see my work ethic and loyalty and my willingness to put the university ahead of myself. Now I have to decide which of two programs to invest $50,000 in for the next 4 years.
  8. This sucks... no one wants a former cop with an MA who was almost killed twice in the line. I don't have the publication and research experience that all of you do, but I've lived it. Have fun with your f'ing studying..... I'll be greeting you at Walmart.
  9. I'm visiting 2 schools next week, one program offered no funding and the other is still undecided. Is wearing a suit overkill? I'm going to have a 7.5 and 6.5 hour drive each way, respectively.
  10. Ugh... rejected from Central Florida.
  11. Thank you for saying that to me. Your reasoning may or may not be accurate, but you have at least given me a cushion on which my fall from grace will land. It takes away some of the hurt. You are truly a compassionate person. And, by the way... I sensed some empathy in your response. Suck on that!
  12. Hey iquit, I'm not sure where your original post went, but I'm going to be brutally honest with you. There are some of us here that were accepted prior to the deadline at FSU and not given funding. The fact that you were accepted so early is admirable. However, funding may or may not be there for you. The only reason I am talking to you like this and not being "politically correct" is because I prefer the truth no matter how difficult it is to swallow. You may get lucky, but don't count on it. In other words, don't set yourself up for disappointment. I wish you the best and I hope that you prove me wrong.
  13. I'm waiting on Central Florida and Florida International.
  14. Officially rejected from Sam Houston. How can one be accepted to the 7th ranked school in the country and rejected from #22? So far, I have 2 acceptances with no funding, 1 rejection and 2 outstanding. I very much, heavily, extremely dislike this process.... with prejudice.