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  1. Pickled grapes
  2. @Gamb1t - About Maryland - Decisions as in - were interviews out already? Any idea?
  3. @XTgo - I have no idea when they come up with results etc. and why they keep people hanging instead of just letting them know something - accepted/rejected/wait-listed. When I was applying for masters in the UK, I remember, they mailed me at different stages (all except Exeter, who accepted after ages and without an interview)... I think I made some serious mistake somewhere in the applications this time :/ Hope you hear positively from UCLA
  4. @Gamb1t, @XTgo - That's sad, but I guess it is right, if it has come from Dr. Feldshuh - I was, in fact, sort of anticipating the same, but saw a ray of hope yesterday when she said that - anyway! @starsloth fingers crossed for the interview results!
  5. Hi @XTgo My Cornell application status says 'in progress' and a friend who is there now asked the faculty just today - they said that the decisions are not out yet.
  6. fire salamander
  7. Getting so busy in other work that I am afraid, if I really get an interview now, would I be able to do justice to it? Of course, keeping in mind how unlikely it is to get an interview after this point of time, I'd rather be busy - have wasted a lot of time waiting already! But five schools yet to respond (two rejections, one implied).

  8. forest ranger
  9. Phone call
  10. Item number
  11. Fashion parade
  12. Exactly my question - why shouldn't we be getting updates of what is happening? The status of applications just read 'in progress', like forever :/ I'm so tiered of waiting that I don't care if they are all rejections, I just want them quick!!
  13. @starsloth Welcome! Nice to know your interests! I am yet to hear back from 5 schools but I's already thinking about a 2nd round of applications too! I am not considering this to be a 'waiting period' anymore - just going about my work as usual, at least trying to!
  14. Black eye
  15. I just wish all the schools at least send their rejections so that I could get back to work without worrying. It is excruciating that they don't have specific dates by which they would respond and most graduate offices do not reply to mails :/ I'm completely okay with acceptances and rejections both, but I'm just tiered of waiting and worrying.