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  1. What have you heard about Fordham?
  2. Awesome! Have you accepted their offer yet? Maybe I'll see you there (fingers crossed I get in).
  3. Hmm..interesting post. Which school do you think is the strongest of those you mentioned? And for what reasons?
  4. Congrats! For which program??
  5. Nice!! Enjoy your 3 day weekend. I'll be working haha.
  6. What are you doing this weekend to get your mind off hearing from schools?! I plan to volunteer at a dog shelter and spend time without my phone with my family.
  7. Congrats!
  8. Sounds like a solid plan! haha. congrats again.
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Congrats on Fordham fellow accepted person!
  11. UGH I saw that too! I have not heard a peep from them yet. I am guessing it will take longer now.
  12. Congrats Amanda!!
  13. Thanks you too!!
  14. Also a guess but probably social workers who work with immigrants.
  15. I like that Fordham focuses on the social justice aspect. Everyone I've dealt with thus far has been very informative. I know, the waiting game is killing me too. I also applied to Hunter but have not heard anything back yet. I've applied to CA schools as well and was told I will know the decision by mid-late March. I asked Fordham for an extension, waiting to hear back. How about you??