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  1. Thanks Mishelay!!
  2. Good luck Emily!!
  3. Uh yep. Same here!
  4. Thanks!! Fingers crossed for USC.
  5. No luck. Did not get in.
  6. omg congrats!!!
  7. Has anyone heard back today?
  8. Good luck to you too!!
  9. Emily you rock! Thank you for sharing that with us. I am so so nervous and PRAYING I get accepted. Good luck to you as well!!!
  10. Has anyone that applied for the Jan 15th deadline heard back recently?
  11. Has anyone heard from USC lately?
  12. Hey thanks! In the group interview they asked us what inspired us to go to school for social work. They also asked us about self awareness / self care. They asked what method we would be pursuing. They also asked about a hypothetical situation. The writing portion was you read an article and respond to the writing prompt.
  13. Thank you!!
  14. Hello! No decisions yet. Which CA schools did you apply to? Have you decided on anything?
  15. Interview was good thanks for asking. I think I did in the ok- good range. I found the writing sample to be easy enough. I ended up writing 4 paragraphs.