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  1. It feels amazing to come out of this planning for next year! I've been deliriously happy for the past two weeks!
  2. Hey so how is everyone feeling now that it's over? I for one am feeling amazing! Is everyoje starting to think about how they will spend their summer? Reading and researching like crazy or just relaxing?
  3. Sure did! Happy to answer any questions for anyone considering Edinburgh
  4. PM me if you have any questions about Edinburgh. Did my masters there about 10 years ago. Always happy to tell people about it
  5. I'm so excited!!!! All I wanted was to start going on this instead of treading water. I can actually start doing what I need to do now. I'm beyond happy right now!!!
  6. Goin to Brandeis. It's a dream program, dream offer. With 5 rejections it was still the best case scenario. I loved it from the moment I started researching schools and I can't believe THIS is the school that accepted me.
  7. FINALLY! Just got an email from the director of Graduate Studies at Brandeis. Off the wait list and I have a real actual official offer in hand.
  8. Thanks. It's been rough. And we had to put my dog down today today. Talk about piling on. I'm looking forward to this period of my life being over one way or another.
  9. Thanks. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but the meeting definitely calmed me down a little bit. If I go the next 10 days believing it's all in the bag, the disappointment will be twice as bad, but at least for now I know I've done everything I could possibly do.
  10. To each their own, I'm just saying I knew quite a few people in my Masters program who wished they had taken the summer to prepare. People who took the summer off.
  11. I've traveled a lot, lived abroad, gone backpacking in Europe. I'm 36. I've had plenty of time to do that. This is preparation for a job. I've been working for 10 years in various industries, have done a Masters, had a kid, probably need a break, but in the end there is not a lot more important to me than coming into a PhD program completely prepared. It's not a personal insult to your trip, I just think that in the limited time before the start of school, it is best to get into the routine of intense study as soon as possible. That's how I'm approaching it.
  12. I would also say that I would strongly advise against wasting the summer traveling, hanging out with friends, or just hanging out. Unless you need to work full time up until the point you start, which is totally valid, you should not waste the opportunity to get as prepared for the semester as you possibly can. When I did my Masters, I tried to know exactly what was going to be expected of me. I spent the entire summer reading through all the materials for the classes I would be taking. It made the first semester much easier than it would have been had I not done so, because when time was tight and I had deadlines in one class that took a priority over another, I could refer to the notes from my readings. This is likely the last time for several years you will have to get ahead, because you will probably feel like you are perpetually behind for the rest of your graduate school career.
  13. If I get off the waitlist I plan to spend the summer preparing for the first semester research paper. I am hoping to have all my background reading done by July, then start crafting the body of the paper by the early August. I also plan to request the syllabi for the classes I will take so I can read the material ahead of time.
  14. I'm feeling bolstered by my meeting at the university yesterday. I don't have any more actual information regarding my particular situation, but I was told that there are people who have not responded to their acceptances and that the school is actively reaching out to get a gauge on where their decisions might stand. People are taking a very long time and at least one person is waiting to see how their own waitlist situation pans out before making a decision. BUT, I was told that the meeting wouldn't even be happening if there wasn't a very good chance things would work out for me. So although I'm still stressed and frustrated, I'm feeling a little better knowing that I have all the information I can possibly have right now.
  15. My mentor from undergrad has remained my very good friend - even came to my wedding - and I still to this day cannot avoid calling him Dr.