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  1. THanks for the advice. I think at this point I'm going to have to go to an accountant. I've heard from a lot of other people that tax software doesn't quite know how to deal with us. What a headache!
  2. Anyone know about the tax situation for fellowships? I'm pretty sure that they are taxable but I've received a lot of conflicting information. How have current students handled filing taxes for grad fellowships?
  3. Great point about classmates being future colleagues. I'm certainly not going to specifically distance myself, but as I've said before, Massachusetts is my home state and I not only have family and friends there, but a boyfriend. Pretty solid support system. The grad school experience can be wildly different depending on the place you are in life. I have a friend who went almost immediately after undergrad. She spent the first two years getting overly involved with the social scene - to the detriment of her work. Not just the scene, but the drama, the romantic relationship, all of it. I can't even imagine. It sounded exhausting on top of the ACTUAL work
  4. Yeah, I'm not going to lie: there is the definite thought in my mind that I *may* be on the older side of the spectrum. That doesn't necessarily mean they are not great people - I know a lot of people from work that are very mature and in their early 20s. But it could go the other way of course.
  5. Haha. From what I understand the Greek system there is in the nerdy, introvert side anyway so I'm not worried about having to deal with being anywhere near that. Thank god I am living far away from campus though (well, 45 minutes away.) I enjoy my peace and quiet too much. My boyfriend lives in a very undergrad neighborhood near Rutgers right now and I cannot wait to get away from that.
  6. This may seem like a strange comment, but I've been reading a lot of generic "tips on how to succeed in a PhD program" articles on the internet lately and the theme that keeps coming up is the importance of making friends within your cohort, participating in the social life, going out with people to bars, etc. For me, I'm honestly not going into this with the expectation of wanting to make friends, go to bars, participate in the social life. Not to say I won't be friendly, but I am older, have a lot of friends in the state I am moving to, and don't particularly see myself as having the time to spend bar hopping. I know that from my Masters, interacting with my fellow students brought a lot of opportunities to bounce ideas off of peers, but if need be that can be done on campus. I don't see it as the major priority some of these articles are saying it is. So my question: do people in this board thing the "social aspect" of a PhD is particularly important, or a waste of the little time we have to get stuff done?
  7. It feels amazing to come out of this planning for next year! I've been deliriously happy for the past two weeks!
  8. Hey so how is everyone feeling now that it's over? I for one am feeling amazing! Is everyoje starting to think about how they will spend their summer? Reading and researching like crazy or just relaxing?
  9. Sure did! Happy to answer any questions for anyone considering Edinburgh
  10. PM me if you have any questions about Edinburgh. Did my masters there about 10 years ago. Always happy to tell people about it
  11. I'm so excited!!!! All I wanted was to start going on this instead of treading water. I can actually start doing what I need to do now. I'm beyond happy right now!!!
  12. Goin to Brandeis. It's a dream program, dream offer. With 5 rejections it was still the best case scenario. I loved it from the moment I started researching schools and I can't believe THIS is the school that accepted me.
  13. FINALLY! Just got an email from the director of Graduate Studies at Brandeis. Off the wait list and I have a real actual official offer in hand.
  14. Thanks. It's been rough. And we had to put my dog down today today. Talk about piling on. I'm looking forward to this period of my life being over one way or another.
  15. Thanks. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but the meeting definitely calmed me down a little bit. If I go the next 10 days believing it's all in the bag, the disappointment will be twice as bad, but at least for now I know I've done everything I could possibly do.