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  1. Congratulations to everyone who hears today! I am hopeful that knowing is helpful to all of you and look forward to hearing your next steps.
  2. I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I couldn't agree more- and I was lucky to be notified on the early side. I really hesitated to become a part of this forum, but I am so glad I did. This is a lovely group of incredibly supportive CRAZY people trying to shake up our lives by engaging with people around the world! Way to think outside the box my partners-in-crime!!! Thanks for also being willing to enter into discussion just to wait with the rest of us for so long... Thinking of each of you today.
  4. Congrats!!
  5. Awesome!
  6. Congrats to the newest people who have received (ANY) notification!
  7. Congratulations to both of you!!!!
  8. Yahooooo!!!!!!!
  9. Wahoo!!!!! Thrilled for you!
  10. I was on the phone with her (she's been sick so I was checking in) when the email came and we were able to flip out together. She told me she would let me update the spreadsheet Thanks for asking!
  11. Research. I just cannot believe they gave a Fulbright to a rural 39 year old with kids. It took me 10 years to finish my undergrad... guess I'll have to fake it and act like I belong... Thanks for the congrats everyone!
  12. I got Hungary! Can't believe it!
  13. I live about five hours north and east of Seattle- closer than Rochester
  14. This is all good info for me. I am looking at a fully funded masters or the Fulbright (I'll know any day now right?). It sounds like, given that I am in the social sciences, that a fully funded masters could be a great deal, but that if I am willing to reapply I might get into better schools with better funding AFTER the Fulbright. Still taking thoughts from anyone and I appreciate all the good thinking thus far!
  15. Yes best of luck to you @Dash123!