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  1. My GRE scores are abysmally average, but I'm cautiously optimistic about my applications for Master's programs due to an otherwise strong application. My question is this: how important is the GRE in PhD applications if a person already has a master's (specifically in psychology)? Any testimonials?
  2. Thank you! I have contacted the director of the program. In speaking with others, it is not uncommon for programs to request that students complete a thesis project with their program (even if one have already been completed), so mayhap this is just saving me the possibility of going through that trouble.
  3. I am applying to graduate programs (M.A. and M.S.) in clinical and general psychology. However, I noticed that Boston University's M.A. program in general psychology was only a year long (8 courses) and they did not require a thesis. Instead, the program requires a "Directed Study." As I understand it, a directed study is essentially the thesis research without the formal defense at the end. As someone who is using the M.A. as a stepping stone for a PhD, would not doing a thesis hurt my chances of acceptance? Has anyone done a directed study in place of a thesis? General advice and/or testimonials would be great!