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  1. All the best! Hope you get a call
  2. Looks like there are no Oregon State people here! But I just got off the waitlist, yayy me!!!
  3. So several of us were waitlisted by Oregon State, partly because the University extended offers precisely corresponding to available GTAships. I am hoping that there will be some movement in the days to come. I emailed with the MA director last week and was told that the department is also pursuing other funding options for waitlisted candidates and that they would know more by mid-march. Since movement on the list depends on ones field, I though it would be great to keep track of this movement on the forum. My field would be 20th century American Lit. If you have been accepted or waitlisted, it would be great to hear from you. If you have been accepted as a 20th century Americanist and have better offers, decline your spot already!!
  4. Yes, they cover tuition but it appears that the stipend is meagre. I have corresponded with Jessica Marr and all funding offers have been made last week. The rest of us are on a waitlist, but they are not releasing an official waitlist. I suspect that some people without funding will likely be offered funding in April, but it would be wise to begin exploring other options now, including financing Georgetown through other means.
  5. Congratulations to you! May I ask which funding offer was awarded to you? And do you intend to accept?
  6. So I emailed the department because I really had to know. They said that funding offers will be made starting today (which was Friday) and all through next week. I am not sure why it will take a week for all the notifications to go out. If anyone does hear, do post it here
  7. I definitely know someone who got into a top 20 program with a 3.3, major GPA 3.9
  8. From what i have gleaned, admittance to a UK PhD is through a very specific research proposal, almost akin to writing an introduction to your dissertation. So most people go through this second year (Research Mphil/MA). In some cases, one is directly admitted to a PhD program in the Spring of their MA with an Mphil route, i.e. you do an Mphil with the full intention of continuing the PhD at the same institution. Once you hear back, you should clarify these things with the DGS at the UK institution. A stand alone Mphil after an MA would give you time to explore American programs, as you'd have already completed your MA.
  9. I got offers from some really great UK MA programs this year and I especially like Warwick. I also like that they only last one year. While I didn't apply to Edinburgh, I've heard it's one of the very best in the UK. I only have a BA so I can't validate anything from personal experience, but I highly doubt that an Edinburgh degree would put you in any kind of disadvantage. You will have to gather funding of course. I am not sure where I will attend this fall but if I do go to the UK, I will probably apply for a research Mphil for the year following my MA, as this would give me time and preparation for PhD programs. In a one year programs, PhD apps prove difficult.
  10. I applied to four MA programs this season and they all provide funding (guaranteed or merit based) through TA jobs.
  11. Hi, I am what people call a Lurker, but a relatively new one, so hello. I am so confused about the Rochester wait-lists. Have any acceptances gone out? I haven't seen any on the board. I botched my application here (LORs were submitted only last week!) so I won't be surprised if I don't hear back soon. But why no acceptances?
  12. Wow that was really helpful and it's a pity I never encountered this document before, though it appears that I might have fulfilled the checklist accidentally. @Thersites Don't lose heart; it appears that you have located an area in English studies even if not a historical period. Perhaps such a categorization would be enough.
  13. I am unable to access the link, and I suspect others are unable as well.
  14. With the stats you have presented, your writing sample would have to be outrageously good for you to be accepted into any Phd program, let alone a top one. Most funded programs are extremely competitive, even if they don't make the rankings list. Have you considered a terminal Masters? Some of them have funding and some are still accepting applications for this year. Georgetown, North Carolina State, etc.