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  1. To those of you who are Finalists, how soon did the Commission get in touch with you after you were notified? Was it only after you submitted the documents, or..?
  2. @Tera I'm sorry. I remember that sinking feeling last year. At least the uncertainty is over-- that was the worst part. You will make it to Korea for sure! If not, there's always reapplying like I did.
  3. I GOT IT! There are literal tears in my eyes.
  4. omg someone just entered Korea ETA too!!!
  5. holy sh**!! But not ETA it looks like??
  6. @lightaheadi but Australia was notified 3/15 so Idk, I'm not getting my hopes up
  7. @lightaheadi here's a link describing it https://www.topikguide.com/niied-kgsp-2017-korean-government-scholarship-program/
  8. That's awesome! Have you heard of the NIIED scholarship? If Fulbright doesn't work out, you should really look at applying to that program.
  9. Korea ETA. Last year I applied for Korea research, but didn't get it. Thinking my chances are better for ETA since I'm not in grad school yet, but who knows! After a year that's been full of rejection, one more wouldn't faze me at all. I'm going to Korea regardless so it's just a matter of how at this point. I just need a resolution to the uncertainty so I can finally ACT and nail my plans down for this year. What about you?
  10. They had them selected already last week? Makes me more hopeful about hearing back about East Asia today or next week... Though I suppose we have no idea if the other countries made their selections as early as Japan. sigh
  11. thank you for the info! How do you know this?? I wish I had an informant lol
  12. Yikes
  13. two more hours till we can expect to hear from Korea ETA, if we even will...!! @lightaheadi @Tera + whoever else is Korea ETA, I'm praying for us <3 <3 <3 and for everyone else too, of course!
  14. These were my thoughts too. However, the host country's Commission could potentially take issue with sensitive topics, depending on the political climate.
  15. The last three years, notification for Korea ETA has gone out on a Wednesday. Definitely reading tea leaves here but I'm hoping today's the day!!!