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  1. I forgot too, I have already accepted at another school. I thought I would throw it up for those searching this forum next year. Good luck on making your decision, you killed it.
  2. U Penn put their decision letters out today at noon.
  3. I received a fellowship and a Wingate scholarship that should cover the majority of my funding. For what is not covered I'm told there is a lot of assistantship opportunities I can pursue. Since the offer is from my number one school the decision was pretty easy.
  4. I saw this type of thread a few years back and thought I would open the topic to anyone who wants to discuss their funding and decision making process to the schools they got accepted in to
  5. @Leo168 Congats!!!! Also for any ceramics people out there I have a friend who got accepted to the University of Montana yesterday.
  6. http://www.timdemuth.com