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  1. Naive question to those accepting/have accepted offers: did you provide your written response as a formal separate document (i.e., a pdf letter addressed to the department) or just provide your response via email? I'm seeing conflicting info online. Thanks in advance!
  2. Congrats! Definitely say thank you!
  3. I was all excited this morning because I was "recommended for admission" by my POI at my top choice and told that I would receive an official admissions letter in the coming days. Now I'm realizing this technically isn't an acceptance and I could theoretically be denied the spot? :/
  4. Yes - I have an offer from a waitlist right now, and possibly a second. It can happen!
  5. Thanks, friend! Yes, fully agreed regarding the accredited program deadline. And yes, I think the whole system is in a bit of a need for some reworking (as do many things relating to academia/research)
  6. Yes, I know what you mean about the explicit message :/ Fingers super crossed that all of this just gets sorted out for us in the next day or two so that we can actually have a non-stressful long weekend!
  7. Thanks to you both for your replies. It is a frustrating position indeed. Unfortunately, it does say on the letter that April 15th is the requirement. I panicked as well and just asked for an extension, but I don't have my hopes up. I might recommend that you do the same Neposydko, but I honestly don't know :/ Grrr... I don't understand why it's designed this way. Surely it would make more sense for them to have staggered deadlines such that people who did not receive first offers ALWAYS have until a later date?
  8. Wondering if anyone has experience in this area or can offer advice: I have an offer from my 2nd choice, and am wait-listed at my first choice (where I have received SSHRC but am not accepted). My first choice has informed me that I should hear back early next week. However, this extends beyond the normal April 15th deadline, which is when I must respond to the other university by. I am assuming it is uncommon for universities to extend their deadline beyond April 15th? Not that I'm the first person it has happened to, but I think it's a bit unfair that I'm being put in this position in the first place - I thought April 15th was supposed to be the end-all date. Should I contact my second choice university and ask them to extend? I don't want to push my luck though, to be honest...
  9. I would just ask - time is of the essence right now! Practically guaranteed they get asked it all the time anyways
  10. Yes I did.
  11. I received an offer from alternate status on Monday. Presumably it is instant/automatic, where the system just moves up the list to next person and makes the offer.
  12. I have just declined a SSHRC offer at Lakehead University. I hope this helps all 2 of you who have applied there
  13. By the way, for you waitlisted people: Do not give up yet! It apparently can work
  14. This is a good question. Would anyone be able to elaborate whether second/waitlist offers ever get some breathing room beyond April 15th? I ask as I have received an informal (still waiting for the letter) offer from my second-choice university (yay!) but am still holding out to be admitted off the waitlist for my first choice where I have already received SSHRC. The issue being of course that one would feel pressured to accept their existing offer prior to April 15th, even though they may not find out about their first choice until this date :/
  15. I'm sure it just depends, but I have an anecdote - one of my POIs just let me know that she will give me a (presumably informal) heads up as soon as she knows about waitlist movement, but that it would be as late as April 15th since that's when people with first offers must respond by.