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  1. I'm surprised you haven't heard from Ryerson yet. I applied there, didn't receive a interview, and received a rejection I believe a couple weeks ago.
  2. Kind of an unexciting answer, but just working and finishing up a potential 2nd publication to improve applications next year if not admitted on this first go-around (aiming to get it submitted by the end of March so that if I am not accepted, I'm not too de-motivated to finish it). Sort of comforting to know I'm still improving my chances next year. All of that, and copious amounts of heroin of course.
  3. No problem! Hang in there (easier said than done - it's starting to eat away at me as well).
  4. I'm not sure I would say it's more or less likely for them to accept it. If they're holding on to it, then it's likely they have a more preferred school and haven't been accepted there yet (or are waiting for funding info). So, they keep their current offer as a backup plan, but don't want to jump the gun. If they've got multiple offers, then one would hope/think they would decline all but the best offer they've received so far. I'm also in the wait-list boat (looks to be my only shot), but I generally wouldn't expect to know your fate until April, unfortunately. That's when funding information will be released, and when people will need to start making final decisions on their offers, so there will be a lot of shifting around in terms of wait-lists/offers - hopefully enough to push us to the front of the line!
  5. No idea what it could mean. It still says "Received by administrator" like before, just with the updated date. It might just mean that the decision has been reached for that school, but not the others?
  6. Congratulations! Good for you, and so nice to hear a success story even after a lot of rejections. Encouraging
  7. Hmm.. Looks like that happened to me as well (just 1 school). Odd.
  8. I'm assuming other people got an email this morning saying their CGS M application status had changed, only to enter the portal and find that everything is the exact same? >:(
  9. Ah - sounds like it just depends on the prof then. Sorry to hear and thanks for the info!
  10. Question for you based off your signature - were you interviewed at U of Regina? You have it crossed off, but orange like for the other places you interviewed. I'm waitlisted there, but was told I would be interviewed only if I come up from the wait-list.
  11. Well said. Likely won't be applying there next year if I'm not accepted anywhere. So disorganized and uninformative (including when I sent questions to the graduate office) - felt like throwing $100 down the toilet! Good to know, thanks!
  12. Me too. Saw it yesterday. Not even a rejection letter filled with the usual platitudes! :/
  13. Email from POI - was told I would be interviewed if moved up from the waitlist. I never received any official confirmation/letter though and application status is unchanged.
  14. Shot in the dark - is there anyone here who was accepted at either U of Manitoba or U of Regina and is not/probably not accepting? Please have mercy on the waitlisted!
  15. I didn't even end up applying to Concordia (but made an account and was considering it), and I was getting these annoying emails. Unsubscribed