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  1. Yes, a friend of mine was admitted to Emory on April 14th even though he hadn't been invited to the interview weekend. It's rare, but it's possible. That to say that their rejections might not go out for a while. Might be worth emailing your POI...
  2. Same here--hard to say... I know someone who got into UT at the last minute last year, so you never know.
  3. A friend of mine was accepted to their American Religions track last week.
  4. Also, can I just plead with y'all: If anyone on here has been accepted at Emory and doesn't wanna go, please let them know. I've been waitlisted, and it's my top choice!!
  5. For which program? If it's an Ivy, no--still too early. If it's UVa, give it another week or two. Until you know that their waitlist has gone out, I'd hold off.
  6. Yeah, I emailed just for my own sake. Friends had been waitlisted already (around the 20th? I believe), so I already knew. Still wanted the official answer though. Good luck on the WL.
  7. Last year acceptances were early Feb, waitlist was mid- to late Feb, and rejections came first of April. UVa has rolling admissions, but if you aren't waitlisted, chances are it's a no. Last year, I emailed the Grad coordinator in early March to learn I had been rejected. I got the official rejection Apr 4th.
  8. UNC Chapel Hill already notified--a friend of mine who also applied heard back on Jan 27 and got the official letter from the graduate school on the 31st. womp womp. Sorry. I too was hoping on hearing from them...
  9. Congrats on your acceptance!! I was interviewed for American Religions, but I haven't heard back. I'm not all that surprised coz it's really not a good fit in terms of my project, etc.
  10. I'm going to interview this weekend at Emory in American Religions.
  11. Thanks for the update! Harvard didn't notify last year until late Feb. No interview there as far as I know. But my friend who got in last year was going for American REL, so it may be different. But I don't think that they do.
  12. They applied to the PhD at Chapel Hill? I've just seen so little traffic re: UNC, I wanted to check.
  13. From my knowledge, there's one Islam prof there, who after getting apps in, will set up a skype talk with certain students who have applied if they are particularly interested in their apps. Chapel Hill doesn't do explicit interviews, though. And as far as I know, it's just the one who does that, not the track(s). Given their trajectory over the years, I suspect, if admitted students will hear within the next week or so, as they tend to have a pretty quick turn around with decisions. But not getting an interview doesn't mean you aren't in.
  14. @Wantingtogetinsomewhere I heard from their Am REL track about an interview just this morning, so they may still be sending emails out--hard to say...
  15. Or getting a phone call from a city in which a university you've applied to is located...