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  2. If you haven't already done so, check their website or email the DGS about this. Some schools do not like to accept their own MA students (i.e. Oregon) while others have a track record of taking their own (i.e. BC). Plus, if they accepted you to their MA they must have some interest in you, and you expressing interest in continuing forward in their Ph.D program will perhaps open that door a smidge.
  3. I got my official letter sometime early last week via the portal, attached was the financial aid package from the school.
  4. I'll keep hope then!
  5. Congrats! How'd you hear, if I may ask?
  6. That mistaken BC post... holy crap
  7. Good! Perhaps we will end both end up there. Good luck with your decision making
  8. I think they are asking to let them know what we think in 3 weeks, but they said that we can take more time if we need it. At least that's what my email said.
  9. Alright, Tulane... it's 9 am in Nola...
  10. Some schools accept more than their grants for funding allow so as people decline they later offer more money. Or there's been word that some schools don't even have their funding lined up yet so they might have accepted you but are waiting to hear back from the school if there is more funding to be had.
  11. No idea, but I'd be interested to know since they have such a late deadline for PhD program
  12. Amherst is the cutest little town, too. I didn't even apply there but wish I did just so I could live there
  13. At least we have little overlap Good luck to you!
  14. No funding in my offer, just the usual clause about it possibly becoming available on a term-by-term basis