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  1. I couldn't wait so I called the office....they said the decisions will be released any time between the "End of Feb. and the beginning of March". It was definitely the "official" statement and the person was not giving me any hints. Based on the timeline of past years it seems like we should be notified this week but the official statement makes it seem like it could easily be next week (fingers crossed for this week though!!!!!!)
  2. So what does everyone think? This week? Next week? Will they make us wait until the very end of the month? Ugg I just want to know already. Also, does anyone know what the orientation/departure schedule has been in past years per language?
  3. For those of you who didn't receive an email - I couldn't find mine either but it turns out it was just hidden in the "Promotions" folder of my gmail account. I'm a semi-finalist for Korean!