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  1. http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/89519-ssrhc-20172018-cgs-m Here's the forum for CGS-M 2017! If you were listed as an alternate or plan on declining any offers, it'd probably help a lot of people out (including me) if you were to let them know on there
  2. Congrats to those of you who received CGS last night! I suppose this goes without saying, but if you were offered it for uOttawa as well as another school that you prefer, please let me know if you're considering on declining uOttawa! I was hoping to make my grad-school decision before April 15 but now with the possibility of receiving CGS I may be re-considering...
  3. Congrats! I was accepted (and will likely be accepting) the project stream
  4. To those who're waiting to hear back from McGill: I emailed the program director yesterday regarding when we should expect to hear back, and she said that the applications will be reviewed for "another week or so". She also said that if you haven't been contacted yet, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up because it likely means no one has come forward to present your application to the admissions committee. (I'm one of the unlucky ones I think, but good luck to all of you!)
  5. Congratulations! Was this on Friday? I applied to French Stream too and haven't heard back...Fingers are crossed, but I don't have my hopes up because I know I already was my POI's second choice in terms of grad students.
  6. Which OISE program? There's a few But, congrats!! That's amazing!! It's so nice to see people achieving their dreams on here I was accepted to the project stream, but I am waiting to hear back from McGill and Ottawa clinical before I make a decision. McGill is my dream school, but the counselling program offered less funding than the clinical! Wishing you the best of luck for your applications
  7. I think this is fairly subjective. Personally, I'd go to a school with a better reputation/better labs/better connection with the POI and take less funding, then be fully funded but not fully invested in the program. I think covering tuition and rent is more than enough but then again I'm 21 and have been living off of Mr. Noodle for 2 months so pretty much anything seems like a great offer to me!
  8. Ahh I see I wasn't the only one wondering this! Well, I wish all of us the best of luck, regardless
  9. To those who have heard back/gotten in to OISE SCCP...Did you all talk with the POI/get an interview at some point? I have heard zilch since November 15 when I applied, so I'm assuming that means I didn't get it...
  10. Thank you so much I hope everyone gets into a great program, we have all worked so hard to get here!
  11. I was accepted to the McGill Counselling MA program tonight! Not much internal funding offered, but still really excited! Hoping to hear back from CGS before the April 15th deadline for grad schools.
  12. Has anyone heard back from their POI for the SCCP Program at OISE? I haven't heard a thing...
  13. What?!? All of February to mid-March? That's so long! I wonder how the admissions process works, then...Because I know for Counselling at McGill it's a committee that gets together and makes the decisions before sending out offers. Is it like, prof by prof I wonder? Thanks for the info anyway...Good luck!
  14. I'm waiting for updates re: the Clinical PhD program as well...My status online still says "In Review"