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  1. Great post. Actually you mentioned some really valid and good points. After reading your post I came to know that it's true that after doing lots of exercise people may feel more hungry and they may eat more unhealthy. But I think that if a person does a daily exercise and long walks and always eats healthy, then it will not affect his health. I mean, if someone eats fruits, salads, all nutritive supplements and exercises daily 25 days in a month and remaining 5 to 6 days if he eats pizzas or burgers then it will not affect him at all. But at the same time if someone is planning to reduce weight should avoid eating unhealthy food. They can also take some nutritive and natural products like nuez dela India wikipedia suggested from one of my closest friends. she used to take these nuts for reducing weight. It is also used for reducing body fat and cellulite, controlling anxiety, lowering cholesterol, decreasing hemorrhoids. So I hope it will help them those who wants instant change in themselves within a short period of time.
  2. yeah... its really funny.
  3. All the best for your bright future. I am also preparing for GRE and hopefully soon I will clear my exam.