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  1. @orphic_mel528, I'm out of reputation, but I wanted to say how sorry I am that someone you've known for so long would take that kind of tact. So often it seems to me that people on the outside of academic work have a set of responses, as though they're reading directly from a script, when talking about the academy, no matter the circumstances. It's rather bizarre, to me, that there is such a widespread assumption that academic work isn't or can't be real work, even as more and more people go to college and press their own children likewise to go to college, something that would be impossible were it not for those willing to get PhDs. The current higher educational system relies on people getting PhDs, and yet somehow it is shameful to do so? It's something I certainly don't understand. On the other hand, my father--a high school dropout who's worked with his hands his entire life (although he also does IT work sans degree)--remains completely baffled that he doesn't have to come up with money to put me through a PhD program. I've tried explaining several times that I only really applied to programs that would waive tuition and give me a stipend, but he remains worried about the debt he believes I will certainly accrue. People's assumptions re: academia are really strange.
  2. I have no idea. As you are likely equally aware, the e-mail they sent was strangely roundabout and vague. I went through the results page for the past few years, and it doesn't seem like they've tended to waitlist many gradcafers, but that also means that I haven't seen an example of someone getting off the waitlist recently either.
  3. I'm the Michigan! I just got an e-mail from DGS, who I also mentioned as a POI in my statement of purpose. I'm so beyond excited.
  4. Haha, true. I told myself that my first time through I would only apply to top-twenty schools, in case I could fluke high. If I don't get in anywhere this year, I'm going to expand my list a bit for next year. And thanks for the moxie admiration.
  5. Just got waitlisted at Princeton. Not sure how to feel, because I doubt space will open up. But mostly, after having nothing but bad news so far, I'm just glad that I was at least somewhat competitive this cycle. (I'm still waiting on some schools, but I've come to assume rejection even when I have no reason to.) It gives me some more hope for what's to come, both this year and next.
  6. I also was waitlisted from Brown for undergrad. I was really excited by their program, and it was the first school whose decisions have dropped that I felt like I would have been a good fit with. Berkeley and Chicago are both great programs, and I think I would have done well in either, but seeing Brown's acceptances dropping today caused a much deeper level of sadness. I'm rooting for you. I know exactly what you mean when you say how there are other options out there, but that they don't have the same appeal. I hope you still get an acceptance, but I also keep trying to tell myself that if things continue going south then life still goes on and there are still so many ways to contribute positively to the world. Not that that's really any comfort...but maybe eventually it will be?
  7. I just finished my undergrad at WashU! So I'm biased, but I am immensely fond of our modernist profs--not to mention the PhD students, many of whom I had classes with, who are great and interesting people.
  8. I am so in the same situation as you. And I'm, like, bizarrely anxious that if I have the site open when it changes, it won't actually change, so I won't know if I got in. It makes no sense.