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  1. Usually, when you receive funding from an American university (though, this is a broad stroke to paint) the funding package will include some combination, if not both, tuition remission (some % or all) + stipend.
  2. I applied to Fordham and an identical result was posted right before the UM one. I'm not sure what to make of it, but it seems highly unlikely that this person emailed both schools and received their rejection back from both of them. I'm not sure I trust those entirely.
  3. I just posted my Riverside acceptance. I always manage to mess up the form for it on the results search page so I had to submit a second to correct it.
  4. Oh, okay! Sorry about that, thank you for clarifying! No offense intended.
  5. I'm curious if the person who posted about UT - Knoxville meant to post for UT - Austin. I'm waiting for the University of Tennessee and my heart jumped a bit; it also seems a bit early for Knoxville.
  6. My UMN application still reads FINAL REVIEW despite some others turning into DECISION MADE. I'll just patiently wait to see if this is good or bad.
  7. It's a pretty ominous change; I'd like it to be positive, but it certainly might just be the process through which all applications are either accepted/rejected.
  8. So my University of Minnesota application status changed to "FINAL REVIEW," and I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or not? Does anyone have any insight into what this means?
  9. Thank you! I also should mention that I received admission to Ohio State University as well. I was one of the early posters on the "results search" page for OSU. I'm in medieval literature and I know there are a lot of really smart medievalists applying so I feel very fortunate.
  10. Just received admittance to Saint Louis University as a PhD in Medieval Literature.
  11. Hey! I'm new here, but saw that you were in mild-applicant-panic and wanted to assuage it as much as possible. The Purdue acceptance is mine, and I am currently in the MA program here at Purdue. We definitely heard from the department first so don't panic just yet. In-house applicants are handled first from what I can tell. I am curious about the SLU acceptance, though, if anyone has any information about how they were notified of their acceptance!