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  1. I just declined my spot in Ohio State University's English PhD program. My area is medieval literature and queer/gender studies --- hope someone here gets it!
  2. That partner is me! Like @cj cregg said, if you're a medievalist who has been accepted at the University of Iowa and you don't intend to accept their offer, please decline as soon as possible! @cj cregg and I would like to attend the same school and this would give us an opportunity to do so!
  3. I don't think UN-L can ask for a decision prior to April 15 according to the CGS Resolution. You can find the document here: < http://cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGSResolution_Jan2017.pdf > That said, I'd simply email UN-L and tell them your situation. I'm sure they will understand and just ask that you get back to them as soon as possible with your decision.
  4. I'm still waiting to hear back from the University of Tennessee's PhD program. I'm not sure what to think at the moment. I know they sent out acceptances a while ago.
  5. My gut, and this is what I did, is take the MA offer (if it's funded). You'll have time to work with some wonderful faculty, use their resources, and get paid to go to school. It also gives you time to shore up your test scores and materials. Likewise, it wouldn't hurt to show adcomms that you can succeed in a graduate environment at the MA level. Just my two cents! I know it definitely helped me refine my materials!
  6. It's been claimed with some extra details in the Acceptances Thread, in case you wanted some more information.
  7. Awesome! Here's to a few more popping up!
  8. Someone just posted one. I'm curious to know about it!
  9. None that I could tell.
  10. Didn't post mine up there because there appeared to be plenty, but it was a simple (very polite) form letter. It stated that if you applied for the PhD, but also noted on your application that you wanted to be considered for MA, your application would be forwarded to that program for review.
  11. Good to know! I'll keep a look out!
  12. And now I sit nervously while refreshing my email.
  13. Thank you for letting me know! GCer's are the best.
  14. Hello everyone! I have a bit of an odd situation and request: I've been accepted to UC-Riverside and my partner has been waitlisted for 20/21st Century Literature and we'd really like to attend Riverside together. If you are in that field/area and won't be attending, please let them know as soon as possible (if only for our sanity). Thanks!
  15. Also waiting for Oregon. I got a little too excited when I saw Oregon State. This time of the year makes you feel crazy sometimes.