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  1. I really don't think so. I think they just check to set that you had them. I'm pretty sure their more concerned with your last 60 or your overall performance in the SLP/CSD courses. You can always email the schools to ask if they take the grades of those prerequisite courses into account for admission (without telling them what you got in them or disclosing that you've already applied, etc)
  2. How do other GA benefits work? The one I applied for apparently only pays $10.50/hr and that's it 😕 I was under the impression that GAs paid for part of your tuition
  3. This actually reminded me to email the clinical the director about when I may expect to hear back regarding my GA application. I'd definitely just email whoever is in charge of it and find out to give yourself peace of mind.
  4. I was going to say the same thing. But you just need to assess which you think will be the best to add right now. For me, learning strategies to deal with certain behaviors was a valuable experience to add to my resume because I already worked at several educational facilities with a range of age groups from birth to 12 yrs old. So I wanted to know more about working with children with a variety of special needs, goals & taking data, and behavior modification since it would give me exposure to an entirely new population and get me into the practice of taking data and dealing w/ behaviors which will help later as an SLP. I also got a lot of experience working in a team of teachers, therapists, psychologists, and social workers (which I am not sure if you get being a paraprofessional) - had numerous goal meetings for the students in my classroom and got to hear feedback from each professional and work together to figure out the best way to better facilitate learning and behavior mod. Also if you work in a schol doing ABA, chances are - they will have SLPs on staff who you will be able to observe (and many schools allow you to get your observation hours while on the clock so you can get paid doing it! - much better than taking off work or lessening your hours to be able to schedule your obs. hours elsewhere). Good luck to you and def feel free to ask any questions!
  5. I didn't have a lower GPA, but I did have a lower GRE score than they had and I got in. If your GPA is that close, I honestly wouldn't worry too much about a .04 difference. I had a strong personal statement and great letters of rec that I believe made a big difference. Plus, I had an interview at the school. I think if you get an interview, that in itself seems to increase your odds.
  6. To add to this, some schools may want to know why your GPA is lower. In some cases, I've heard of people mentioning in their SOP what happened (not focus on it, but touch upon it like how you had to persevere through such a tough time - something like that?). However, there are many people who say that you should only keep positive things in your SOP and not include such things. So I wonder if anyone one here has any thoughts to add to that. I'm not sure how colleges receive SOP that include why their GPA or other statistic is low. Oh and I meant to add that the experiences you have under your belt are really great!! I think that (if you haven't already), you should greatly consider including what you've learned from those experiences into your SOP. Beefing it up and asking many knowledgable people in the writing realm (professors, writing center, etc) to look it over would really help to make a powerful personal statement. All the best!!
  7. You could talk to the financial aid office if you're not sure of its enough. I believe there's a max you can take out per semester or something like that. But I'm not totally sure. So the financial aid dept could probably walk you through whether it is enough or help you figure out what options are available for you if it's not enough (PLUS loans, private loans, etc).
  8. Oh! Hahaha! I didn't even realize it was you I had discussed it with before 😂 you're so right 😳😳😳
  9. Yeah that's the same thing my husband says -"It's only temporary. " I guess I may be taking it harder than he is lol I don't like to cause any stress for anyone, especially my husband, but he constantly assures me that help be fine and that he loves me and loves that I have this great opportunity that will be great for me and us in the long run. Guess I should just get used to the idea that we won't be seeing much of each other which is unlike how it is now. You have a good point about the breaks in between though I'll try to make sure we make good use out of them. Thanks for your input, and thank you everyone!!!
  10. I am actually in an ABA classroom so I've seen a lot of that myself already working in a special education school. Thanks though! 😊
  11. Oh I submitted it back in the beginning of April I believe. Around the first week, probably..
  12. Lol! Well, $75 is a small price to pay if there happens to be an oversight on their part and they end up giving you a full scholarship 😂 And the interview went well (IMO). If you or anyone would like any details, feel free to PM me. But yeah, I guess we'll see what happens. All the best to you though! Maybe you'll get an interview anyhow! lol
  13. Aw man! I've never heard of this till now! And the due date was yesterdayyy. Sounds like such a great opportunity. I'll have to try to remember that next year. Thanks so much for sharing that!
  14. Just in case anyone accepted their offer to LIU Post and is looking for the starting Fall 2017 FB group, I thankfully stumbled upon the link while browsing the results page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1253112051404498/
  15. Omg LOVE this website so far! Such a great resource! Now I'm starting to wonder what else I'm missing out there lol