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  1. Thank you! Same to you! And no problem at all. Feel free to message me if you happen to have any more questions. With ZERO info out there on Touro, I certainly had to do some digging lol so I understand the struggle 😊
  2. Yep. I had it already. KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!! I interviewed with two ladies who were very nice. I was however, unprepared for their questions based on specific speech coursework from my undergrad. They asked questions like What should you look out for when recording/finding the MLU (from Language Acquisition classes)... And A BUNCH of other questions that I was absolutely stupefied about being that I had graduated a few years ago. They did ask what are some speech disorders and some language disorders. One of the ladies asked me why I got a bad grade in a course (B, which I didn't realize was "bad" - sheesh). It was definitely one of the most intense interviews I've had. They also ask questions about how you got interested in speech, and to tell them about yourself; and they also asked what your favorite course was (they're looking for specific MATERIAL in the speech coursework you were/are interested in). At the end, they did say that they ask everyone those types of questions and they understand that it's nerve-wracking and they take that into consideration. So again, they were a pleasure to talk to - but KNOW. YOUR. STUFF. OH! And before the interview, I had to write a one page essay on one of the topics they had. But my AW score on the GRE is below a 4.0 so that could def be the reason why I got that (I had to write an essay for another interview for that same reason). They give you about half an hour but they would probably give you a little more if you needed to. They didn't seem like they were rushing you to do it. But the prompts aren't too bad at all
  3. OMG I was so devastated to have to think about applying to more cycles. I def thought I would have to though after getting all those rejections. Man, as hard as I tried in my undergad, these rejections will make you second guess yourself. This major is really just that incredibly tough to get into. I hope more people REALLY take that into account. Because I always heard that the field is "competitive" but did not realize until I started to go on forums and saw just how many people with great stats got rejections, etc. Anyway, I digress. Congrats on you're acceptance as well!! We're on our way!!! 😁🙌🙌🙌
  4. @Saiyph Thank you! And I'm glad that you were able to benefit in some way 😊@edardi1, @SRod2015, @PlieThenRose I pray all goes well for you guys and that you will be hearing positive news really soon!! 👍👍👍
  5. Any FB groups for LIU Post yet?
  6. Thanks everyone! Now I just hope I get some scholarships or assistantships!!
  7. Thank you so much to everyone for all your thoughtful words of encouragement!! I truly truuuly appreciate it! I am so incredibly happy to say that today I received an acceptance from LIU POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I literally cried tears of joy as soon as I saw the words "Congratulations" in the email subject. I am seriously so incredibly overjoyed. You were so right @plume. All I need is ONE! After 5 CONSECUTIVE PAINFUL REJECTIONS.... the 6th is a YES!!!! Thank GOD!!! 😭😭😭
  8. Coming from someone who has yet to get an acceptance from ANYWHERE... YOU MAKING A CHOICE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE 👍. If you don't mind me asking.. What school did you accept the offer to? And from what you're saying, it seems like you picked that program for the right reasons. A big factor for me if I'm accepted to multiple programs will be the cost. So although you're saying you feel some disorganization/bad vibes, it may just be your doubts making things seem worse than they really are. And once you start the program, you might find that it's the total opposite, The great thing I have come to understand about this field, is that for the most part, it really doesn't matter where you go for grad school - you will get a job because of what you studied and not really because of where. So unless the school you go to has a low passing rate for the Praxis or doesn't help you get externship placements or something that would hugely impact you, I would say take it easy and just be really happy that you'll be starting your last stretch of education for your dream career 😊 And if some red flags appear that make you really worried about your education there, maybe you can consider transferring or possibly contacting a program that previously accepted you. But I doubt it would come to that anyway. All the best to you!! Be HAPPY & RELIEVED that your wait is over!! 😊 And congrats on your acceptance!! 👏👏👏
  9. UDel was my dream school for speech at one point 😭 My husband and I were considering moving to DE to flee from the outrageous cost of living here in NY. His friends gave us a nice tour of DE which included passing by the UDel campus. Man oh man did I envision myself there. Smh. I thought it was meant to be since they started the new speech program just as we considered moving there and I was considering grad school. Anywho, I'm glad to hear the program is going well for those of you who are enrolled. My professors at Queens College had nothing but good things to say about UDel and have no doubt that they will become accredited (I hear the director of the program is quite the perfectionist in regards to this). So best of luck to you all!
  10. Thank you! 😊 So do I!
  11. For people still waiting on decisions, do you plan on contacting the colleges to hopefully encourage them to pick you and to sort of see what the status of your application is? I know the faculty members are swamped and many are probably using this April break to get work done with these decisions, but man oh man is it tough to wait it out! Part of me wants them to take as long as they need because I'm hoping someone is fighting/pulling for me to get in despite my stats. But I'm curious as to how everyone is dealing with the wait thus far..
  12. WOW! Thank you ALL for the absolute abundance of information! I really truly appreciate it. @edardi1 I actually have numerous ties to NY right now that prevent me from moving. So that is not possible at this time. I wish I could move though since NY is so expensive and all the schools are extremely competitive with awfully low acceptance rates. @CCCaffeinated-SLP I took a peek at that document and it looks like it's tailor made for someone like me struggling to figure out whether or not to continue in this vein or not. @pbandj thanks for sharing that info about the online programs and especially the list of alternative careers. I'll have to look at that today @maurmaur wow that really seems like a lot of work smh. Too much work I should say. So after their masters degree it takes them an additional 13 months, or is it included in their 2 yrs if they get the hours while in the masters program? @Crimson Wife that is a great point you made! I never even thought of that. However, this now makes me wonder if it is possible to have a dual masters degree in Speech and Music Therapy (this sounds like an immense/stressful amount of schoolwork if it is even possible though) I have actually done a lot of research and done a lot of thinking based on what what you all have brought to my attention, and I really think it would be the best thing to go with my gut right now. And my gut says to not give up on becoming an SLP. My dad brought up a good point to me this week that I'm not in this alone - with me AND also my husband helping to finance more applications (if it becomes necessary), I should be just fine. I would need to get a higher paying job though if I end up needing to reapply. But that's another post for another day 😅 Point is - if it's financially feasible for me to pursue my dreams... Why not do it?! Thank you again everyone!!! ❤
  13. Thank you. I actually have already planned to contact the schools to find out my weaknesses (and some schools I applied to had about 8% acceptance rates so I know for some that, in itself, is something I can't help). But I figured I would try to wait until after I hear back from all of them. However, since I have not yet looked at when the deadlines for the few spring applications are for, do you think it would be wise to contact them now to get their answers in advance so I won't have to wait as long? And I know for sure that I will need to take the GREs again if things happen to not work out this round. I believe I got Q: 142, V: 152, and AW: 3.5 (didn't finish one essay in time - I know if I did, I would have at least gotten a 4.0). My GPA for my Psych BA degree is 3.6 but I believe my GPA for the SLP postbacc undergrad courses was something like a 3.7. I communicated often with my professors who gave my recommendations and they definitely remembered me and my work in their classes so I believe those reference letters were strong but I suppose there's no way to be sure unless the schools specifically point them out as a weakness. I also got a recommendation from an SLP at the school I work at whom I've observed and who essentially was responsible for getting me the job there. I actually saw her letter and it seemed good to me although it was short. I think I had a strong personal statement and gave it to my family members + husband to read and they are all very good at essay composition/editing so I basically had 5 people look over and make corrections/suggestions. If I change anything in my personal statements, it would be to add more about what drew me to those programs in particular. I touched on it in a few of my essays but didn't go more into detail because I didn't want to exceed the word count more than I already had. The ones I did get to go into detail about because the schools had bigger word counts, I've gotten interviews for. So I'm assuming that was a factor. But if I do choose to alter my SOP, I'll be sure to get in touch with my past professors to go over it and give pointers on how to possibly strengthen it
  14. I certainly would not like to give up. I had to fight to get into the undergrad program so I'm certainly not the giving up type for what I want to do. But financially - applying to these schools again and retaking the GREs would be another $1000+ dollars that I'm not sure I'll have after one more round of applications (God-forbid it becomes necessary). I have already planned on applying to programs for the Spring though. So I'll be looking into the programs in NY that offer it. My worry with a fully online program would be that I would not do well since there's no face to face interaction and it's not the type of education I'm used to. I have never taken a single online course before. Some people thrive whether or not courses are taken in-person or online, but since I've never even taken an online course, I'm really not sure how I would do
  15. I wish I could be an SLPA but there is no such thing here in NY 😔. And I was looking into the BCBA requirements and it just sort of seems like it would be a lot of work (1500 hours of supervised experience, etc). I think we only need 375 hours of observation for SLP MA degree so idk, 1500 seems a bit much to me