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  1. Bump! This is a valuable topic that I saw and hoping to hear if anyone else has more to add The struggle is most definitely realll
  2. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know! It sucks having to wait so long, especially since there are people on the results page who interviewed in March and were already accepted
  3. I have researched this forwards and backwards and yet I still do not understand the differences between getting an Advanced Cert. in ABA vs becoming an ABA Therapist/ BI. Would someone please care to explain? Because I planned on getting my Advanced Cert. in ABA as a backup if I am not accepted into a program (hopefully that won't happen ) - but it seems like from what was said, I may not be able to become a BCBA without a masters degree? Please help me out here..
  4. I'm waiting on Hofstra as well! I saw on the results page that on March 15th, someone said: "To the Hofstra poster below, I emailed them today and they said they expect to notify all applicants within the next two weeks!" - So I'm assuming we should most likely hear from them this coming week. Praying for positive newsss!
  5. I have wanted to but I've been kind of apprehensive about it. I wanted to do that with LIU Post since I had an interview there about 4 wks ago and still have not heard back. They said I should get a response in 2 wks after the interview so I don't know what to think seeing that so much time has passed (and I already emailed my interviewer a week ago so I don't want to annoy her). I'm still waiting on Hofstra's decision. 😰
  6. I know that at Queens College, the supervisors are right there in the session with you. For me I think I like the supervision via cameras so I don't feel like I'm being micromanaged right in front of the client.
  7. It was today lol Yeah. I agree. It was pretty much the same thing. I was hoping to "schmooze" someone significant in the admissions process but I believe there was no such person present. Oh well. At least I tried 😕 I do agree though.. It def made me come out there thinking I'd really like to go there if I get the opportunity to (with some funding). Seems like they really pay attention to their students
  8. Grr. That's why I was battling whether or not to go in the first place lol I definitely want to swing that vote! 😅 But I suppose you're right about getting info about the school... I hope it's extra information that I wouldn't get on the website
  9. Anyone here attending open houses for schools they haven't yet heard from (and may not even hear from by the open house date)? I have only heard people going to open houses when they're accepted, waitlisted, or just started applying to schools 😕
  10. Oh wow, I just saw your reply. I actually just made the impromptu decision to RSVP just now for the same reason lol Trying to figure out in my head what's the appropriate attire
  11. Did you feel like they remembered you? Were there moments to "shine" during the open house or not really?
  12. YEP. Saaaame here. Smh. That's why I'm wondering if going to the open house will up my chances of getting in if they meet me or something 😕😐
  13. Anyone going? 👀 I haven't received a decision from them yet so I'm wondering if I should go...
  14. I actually ended up double checking the QC online application the day you told me they call for decisions and saw that I actually put down my cell! So I'm happy I won't have to worry about my parents not getting the message to me when they call. Thanks so much for all that great info about the interview process! Hopefully I'll get an acceptance or at least a chance to interview there. I love that school since I graduated from there. So I'm hoping they will give me the chance to stay. Good luck to you!! Hoping you get in!! Thanks! I'm trying not to. At the same time, I'm starting to prepare a backup plan just in case (praying I won't need to go through with it). I def hope we get an acceptance soon!
  15. Ugh. Got rejected from Lehman and Hunter. @slpgrad620 how was the interview at Queens?