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  1. I noticed that they ask for a justification for the university and supervisor I've chosen. I don't really know what to put in there. Any thoughts or suggestions ?
  2. I'm also in my mid-twenties, still living with my parents and am pursuing an MSW next Fall. My parents actually don't want me to move out while I'm still in school in order for me to save some money. This is nothing to be ashamed of, I think we're actually quite lucky to be in the position we're in with parents as supportive as the ones we have. However, my parents aren't paying for my universities studies because they cannot. One option would be look for scholarships (internal to your uni or external), it's often worth it.
  3. Good to know. I already have a supervisor and since I got the CGS-M and have a lot of volunteer/work and a bit of research experience, I think I have good chances to get it. I will start working on my application this August. Fingers crossed!
  4. Amazing! Any advice ?
  5. Anyone here living in Quebec? I was not eligible for this scholarship when I first applied for my MSW, my grades were a little bit below what was required, but I was told that with my entire undergraduate studies, I am now elligible. Anyone here is going to apply to it?
  6. Hello! What are the pros and/or cons to choosing a different topic for a PhD program than your master's research topic? (that includes having different supervisors for the PhD versus the master's)?
  7. I wouldn't base my thesis entirely on newspaper articles, I'm just reading what I am coming across because it gives me ideas and an intro to my topic. But I've definetely heard people in some fields base their thesis entirely on newspaper articles primarly if they are doing content analysis (how an issue is being represented in the media and that is their thesis' topic for instance). In some fields, people study how mental health and mental illness or islamophobia is represented in the media.
  8. My university says in order to be admitted to a Ph.D, you need a minimum of a CGPA of 3.5 out of 4 at the master's level. So I guess aiming for 3.5 and higher is usual. The minimum to remain in the program is a B- (65%) but I would not say that aiming for a B- is the way to go.
  9. I was not specializing to become a medical social worker, but I did an internship in a hospital setting, just to have that type of experience and go out of my comfort zone and I absoutely hated it. It made me realize that I would never want to work in a hospital as a SW. But I have a few class colleagues that had a better experience than I did, some of them got hired right after their placement and graduation. I did another social-worky program prior to my BSW, so I did a lot of internships and I would say that it's good that you have a clear idea of where you want to go and work, but I would say to keep your options open because your idea might change along the way depending on what you are experiencing and as you are getting to know yourself and the type of social worker you want to become. Especially if you have not worked before in the field, your interests will probably evolve and that's alright. Good luck with your studies, social work is an amazing profession with lots of possibilities.
  10. I did my first poster presentation a few weeks ago. It went well. I did not win the student contest though, but it's fine. I'm happy to have taken part in something like this prior to my actual graduate studies. Thanks for those of you who gave me advice!
  11. Hello, is there a limit to the amount of external scholarships you can cumulate while having CGS-M? I just got a small scholarship, I am going to receive it this summer, and I am waiting for two other scholarships' answer as well. I know I have to report every amount that I get, but I just wanted to know if there is a maximum.
  12. I usually ask for last year's syllabi. Or I ask students who have taken the class prior to me.
  13. Yes, I agree with rising_star. I was told that when you're at the graduate level, you pick your university of study by choosing a researcher that specifically works on what you want to study. And that's how you decide where you apply. Maybe you should read what some researchers have written on your topic and base your decision off that. But I might be wrong, I am a very early graduate student. Some people here are definetely more experienced with these things. Good luck!
  14. Yes, I already started an EndNote Library with newspaper articles and other things that I came across. It's a good thing that my research topic is a hot topic in the media at the current moment, lots of stuff happening!
  15. Thank you for your reply. I guess I still have to figure out what works best for me. Now, I am trying doing 2-3 hours chunks two/three times a day with breaks in between and it seems to be working so far.