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  1. Hello, I wanted to apply for a scholarship in the States a few months go. I ended up not doing it because one of the required documents was a "medical report" both physical and psychological. I feared I would be discriminated against because I have a disability, despite all of my accomplishments, good grades, research experience, etc. Anyone else been in this situation? Are there risks of discrimination when they ask for these reports?
  2. Hello, what is the minimum gpa to be admitted to gender, women and sexuality studies at Harvard out of curiosity?
  3. Same. Still hoping for McGill
  4. I have a sociology research paper on a social movement that's due on Wednesday, I have only done the intro out of 15 pages and I don't know how to go about it. Sociology isn't my major
  5. Ok I just saw for two universities that I was not admissible because of the first class average thing. McGill is my only hope becasue the first class average is lower...:(
  6. Feeling exactly the same. I am unsure if this is a good sign...
  7. Yes I did! But still nothing has changed in the portal
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I do not have a formal training in journalism. However, I would like to publish stuff online, in my mothertongue (that is not English) related to social policy, social work, social justice, etc. I've done it in the past but on a volunteer basis... What's the best way to be hired by a journal or a blogging platform for a paid opportunity? Thank you
  9. Yes, I heard that this is some of "accelerated passage to doctorat" (passage accéléré au doctorat in French) for exceptional master's students. My university doesn't offer this in my program but other universities in my city and in my field do, so you would need to verify with your host university.
  10. Hello everyone, so I am starting a MSW next fall, it'll be my first time as a graduate students and I've been reading on and off the information that has been provided on my university's website for new grads. Even if I am starting in the fall, I've begun to make some sort of a list of the things I would like to happen during my graduate studies so that I could have some ideas on paper to discuss with my supervisor (with whom I have an excellent relationship and have worked as a RA since the beginning of my undergraduate studies, so she's know me for the past three years.) I just wanted your input. Do you think these are realistic expectations as a master's student and are there anything that you would add to this list? ___________________________ - Co-publications in academic journals - Be prepared and equipped in the event that I chose to do a Ph.D in Social Work - Taking part in international and local conferences/congress in my field of study - Good funding - Mentorship - RA/TA Positions etc. THANKS GUYS.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Is Vanier or Trudeau harder to get? I am waiting for the SSRHC for the Master's level but I feel exactly like you guys at the moment (not sure if I got the scholarship or not).
  13. I feel you. I applied to the federal scholarship here for student-researchers and I am probably not eligible because of 3% in my grades. BUT, I've been in media, have been published in a book, am a public speaker, have done a lot of community work and won awards for it, have research and work experience in my field of study, etc. I still won't get that scholarship because of 3%. It frustrates me. It's not always about grades. It's important to look at the whole package as well.
  14. Hello, I am attending an English university, but English is my second-language. I would like to improve my grammar, written and spoken English. Any websites to recommend so I can do that online? Thank you,
  15. Ouf! I thought I had been banned or something