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  1. Thanks I'm proud because when I initially started university, I thought I was not smart enough to succeed! lol
  2. I found a solution : printing the pp slide directly from PowerPoint. It worked.
  3. Yay! I graduated from my BSW with Distinction!
  4. Does anyone know how to improve the resolution of an image/slide from PowerPoint? It's for my handout. I have a smaller version of my poster on it (on a Word document) after recommendation of my professor, but I don't know how to make it look clear and readable. I just took a screenshot of my slide while it was in full screen. Thank you,
  5. I agree for Mac computers. I bought a MacBook Air when I got into college, so that was back in 2013 and it still works, it's pretty amazing. I also bought a planner from Blueline last week. It was a bit pricey, but it has everything I need (weekly view on one page with each day divided by hour, a place for a to-do section, and monthly calendar at the beginning of each month). I think I am going to use it a lot, I spent a lot of time shopping for an appropriate planner. I would also add that at my university, students are given antivirus and other types of programs (Office 365, etc.) at no cost or are paid through your student fees. So it would be worth a shot to take a look at what programs/softwares are being offered by your university.
  6. I heard that it's harder to get CGS-M than the doctoral scholarship from SSHRC. Is that true?
  7. I have a question. I am looking at different guides online on how to structure a scientific article for a journal. I am currently in the process of writing my first one, for a student contest with the results of a case study that I will also be presenting at a conference later this month. I am now at the Discussion section, and I find it a little bit hard.... basically, what I am trying to do is connecting my case study results with relevant literature that already exists that "proves" what has been highlighted in the case study. Am I doing this the right way? I am also unsure of how to go about for the Abstract section (less than 200 words).
  8. At my university, since they are the ones who are going to be managing the award, I had some forms to fill up and give to them. Maybe it's the same or a similar process for you.. I would ask your financial aid departement at your university.
  9. But I must say that I live with a high anxiety level on a daily basis. I still function and manage to do everything I need to do and I even go beyond, but I'm an anxious person especially when it comes to school and my professional life. Ironically, my anxiety makes me work harder because I am terribly afraid of professional failure. I have very very high expectations for myself and I am an overachiever. I know it is not always healthy but that's how I've managed to cope with a lot of trauma in my life so far and I guess it's healthier than drinking (which I don't do, by the way) or doing something that could be terribly self-destructive for me.
  10. Yes. I have struggled with mental health issues, but it has not affected my ability to study and pursue higher education. I am not saying it never will but the way it manifests for me since childhood has never hindered me from succeeding in school. But just to say that it is hard, but it's possible.
  11. I heard that you need to prepare your application to a doctoral program as soon as you consider applying (and that's even if you're not even a master's student yet). Is that true in your opinion?
  12. Do we get to see our scores for SSHRC?
  13. I finished designing my first poster ever. For the handout though, is three pages two long? (1 page context, 1 page references, 1 page smaller version of my poster).
  14. We're doing a scoping review, which is kinda of like a review paper for this project if I understood well the purpose of this type of review.
  15. I am presenting at a conference at the end of this month and am preparing a paper for a student contest and both will be related to my master's thesis topic. The research project that I am working on as a RA was out of my supervisor's initiative. It wasn't my idea. She wanted to offer me a paid research internship for this summer and until the end of my master's studies and I have accepted the offer. It's just unfortunate that it isn't closely related to my master's topic, but I am willing to learn something new so it's fine on my side.