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  1. I'm taking a workshop at the end of August at uni to help me with my application!
  2. Anyone here living in Quebec? I was not eligible for this scholarship when I first applied for my MSW, my grades were a little bit below what was required, but I was told that with my entire undergraduate studies, I am now elligible. Anyone here is going to apply to it?
  3. Hello! I thought I would start a thread for those of us who have been accepted and are starting the program this term. I live in Canada. I'm so excited to start my program, and am even considering a Ph.D afterwards.
  4. These are really interesting suggestions. Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone, (I guess this post will speak more to those of you who are in the social sciences.) I am starting a master's thesis next Fall and I have chosen to study an aspect of the reality of indigenous peoples of Canada. Although my own identity intersects with different marginalized groups (I am a woman of color), I feel somewhat uncomfortable about my research topic - even if I am 100% interested in this topic - because I do not belong to that community and I will never consider myself an expert on their reality. I did a poster presentation at a congress a few months ago and it was on my master's thesis topic. I realized that I was uncomfortable whenever I had people come up to me and ask me questions about my poster as if I was an expert on indigenous peoples in Canada. I feel like indigenous peoples are the experts of their own lives and I do not consider myself as a "spokesperson" for them because I have not been given that role. I am saying this because in Canada, there has been lots and lots of research on indigenous peoples made by non-indigenous researchers. There are many reasons to this (colonialism, opression, etc.) but it is also because not many indigenous peoples get to finish high school because of many types of systemic barriers that are rooted in our history as a country towards this group. I sometimes feel like an imposteur, as if I am "stealing" the spot of an indigenous person to speak for themselves over their own reality and be empowered by doing so instead of having an outsider doing it for them. Has anyone ever felt like this? Am I the only one? I love my research topic, I am genuinely interested into learning more about this history that not many Canadians are aware of. I've also been in indigenous communities and volunteered for an indigenous organization where I live. But I still feel somewhat not comfortable. I am considering doing a Ph.D and even though I love my master's research topic, I am considering switching topic at the PhD level mainly for this feeling of discomfort. I don't want to be seen as a spokesperson or an expert on indigenous peoples because I am not and will never be. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Thank you ! I am starting my master's in a few weeks, so I will definetly look into this. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who feels this way and that other researchers have thought about this.
  7. Should I look for a specific expert in the field I want to study or should I look at the university first? Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I am currently a MSW student in a Canadian University. I am considering doing a PhD in the us because I think there are a lot of interesting things happening for social work right now in this country. However, I worry a little bit because English is not my first language, and I come from a low income family. I intend to apply for scholarships but wonder of that is going to be enough. Any advice? I was also looking at Columbia and Boston.
  9. Hello, can you combine a Fulbright with another scholarship (i.e Vanier or Trudeau)?
  10. Hello, does any of you know any blogs or podcasts by social work graduate students who aim to pursue a career in academia? thank you!
  11. Oops! I posted in the wrong thread
  12. Hello, can a Fulbright award be combined with another Canadian scholarship?
  13. Thanks ! I am going to take a look at those.
  14. Hello, I am doing a bit of research prior to the start of the semester and I was wondering if you had any references (books, youtube channels, blogs, websites, movies, etc.) re: indigenous and black feminism. I Thank you!
  15. Hello, I've realized that I have a lot of friends who have done MAs, PhDs or are currently studying in one or the other in my field. It made me realize that they are my friends but that they might end up being my teachers in the next couple of years. It makes the "hierarchy" and boundaries quite blurry. Is it true? Has anyone else noticed this or have any thoughts on this?
  16. Yes, absolutely. I am planning on joining a walking club in my hometown. I am very fortunate, there are a lot of beautiful green spaces near where I live. I am also planning on taking a 10 classes hot yoga membership so I can do a class whenever I feel more anxious or stressed. These are strategies that I've tried before, and that were good to me, and I am trying to put them back into place in my life.
  17. If I say that she is an expert on my topic, that I've worked with her since the beginning of my undergraduate studies, that she offered me funding, that she is extremely reknown, kind, accessible and a great listerner, is that okay?
  18. I'm also very anxious but I have a feeling that most people in graduate school will feel this way. It's just that not everyone will show it.
  19. I've read that most people who end up pursuing graduate studies, were top-performers in their classes at the undergraduate level and even before. I tend to believe that it is often true. How do you guys deal being with equally strong students at the master's and doctorate level? I have a feeling like I am going to feel like an imposteur or not smart enough, especially since I am a first generation undersity graduate in my family.
  20. I would like to become a postsecondary teacher in social work (at college or university). I've also been considering politics, a lot of people around me believe I will end up in politics because of the different projects I've been involved in, but it's a bit early for me to say now since I want a family eventually. The only thing I know for sure is that I definetly want to advocate for marginalized communities for the rest of my life, in one form or the other. I want to keep on doing speeches/talk, talk in the media and be involved in my community, because that's what I am already doing and I am really passionate about it.
  21. Hello, What are the pros and cons of submitting your thesis in articles instead of the typical 200+ pages format? Is it typical for a master's thesis or only for people who are doing doctorates? I'm asking for the social sciences field. Thanks to those who will reply.
  22. Hello everyone, I am starting a MSW (Thesis Option) in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any advice of aspects I should discuss with my supervisor. I have already taken a lot of notes on my expectations and things I'd like to discuss with her, but I just wanted to know if there were other things I had not thought of. Have a good back to school everyone! I can't wait!
  23. Yeah, I tried to look that up online and I haven't found anything for my program
  24. Thank you for your answer. I took note of this and will discuss it with my supervisor at the beginning of the school year.