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  1. Hey, thats good news, better than anxiously waiting for the presentation!
  2. No one contacted me (yet). Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. You can interpret it both ways! When did they tell you to go and do it?
  3. I was told that the decision would come by the end of this month, or in the worst case scenario by the end of July. Hopefully sooner than later!
  4. I did my interview, it was simple and it wasnt tough. Just be confident and itll go well. Wish you all good luck!
  5. Ill try to post about what happens with me in the interview tomorrow, maybe it'll benefit some of you guys!
  6. Thanks :)! Good luck to you too! By the way you never mentioned which program youre applying to?
  7. Everything is happening so suddenly, I guess we just need to prepare the presentation and hope for the best.
  8. Hmm, in what way technical? I am asking as I want to make sure if I need to revise what I studied.
  9. Mine is on the 4th of June. I dont really know what the presentation is really about
  10. Me too, I just received an Email.
  11. Looks like alot of people are shortlisted hahaha. But to be fair, I have never heard of Masdar conducting interviews, but what I do know is sometimes the faculty themselves conduct interviews for the possible team members. I dont know to be honest, just what I heard.
  12. Oh, my bad. Did they ask you for information about yourself or anything? Im only asking because I was shortlisted too, but without doing an interview, just provided more information to them and thats it.
  13. So you're saying that you went to Masdar for a 25 minute interview in March? May I ask which program you applied to?
  14. I am not quite sure, i heard that for masters student, itll be around 4000 dhs. But I am not sure to be honest
  15. I really cant say, as I dont clearly understand their process for picking students. May I ask about your credentials? (IELTS, TOEFL, Grades, publications, etc..)