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  1. Program/Institution: (All MPA/MPPs) SIPA, NYU Wagner, UC-Harris, Georgetown, Fletcher, GWU Interests: International Dev/Public Policy/Global Security Undergrad Institution: Large public university Undergraduate Major: B.A. in International Relations/Russian Undergraduate Minor: Aerospace Studies Undergraduate GPA: 3.65 Quantitative Courses: None! GRE: Prepping, will take this Autumn Age: 30 Years of Work Experience: 7 years as a military Intelligence Officer, main role being an analyst (some Special Ops experience) and long-term planner (incorporating Intel equities into Air Force policy and plans) with a focus on West and East Africa. One deployment to Djibouti, still maintain an active security clearance Languages: Native English, advanced French, intermediate Russian LORs: Two bosses and one Russian professor Concerns: How to compensate for the weak quant? I'll be applying for 2018 enrollment; will it suffice to have only taken micro by the application date yet be enrolled in macro or stats? Or should I focus on finishing two courses at the expense of GRE prep? Also, assuming I score around the 70-75th percentile on the GRE, are SIPA/Harris/Fletcher/Georgetown feasible or should I lower the sights due to the weaker quant? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!