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Captain Cabinets

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    Modernism, Myth, Atlantic Studies
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    2017 Fall
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    English PhD
  1. Hello lovelies! Accepted for a DPhil at Oxford and I'm waiting not-so-patiently for college and funding results (nominated by my department, but obvio that means little at this point). I'm also considering a wonderful offer from UChicago, though, and I'm already obsessing over the prospect of having to choose between the two (despite Oxford not really technically being an option as yet, so long as funding isn't guaranteed). I wanted to ask my fellow DPhil applicants, specifically as I presume most of you are Americans, what draws you to Oxford (or the English system in general) over the many excellent US universities out there? Not sure I'm making sense, but I got the impression that in the US, at least, Ivies and T10 US programs are more highly regarded (and seen as being more academically enriching) than Oxbridge, and I was curious as to what some of you make of this? Sorry, I'm being horribly vague, ignore me if I don't make sense
  2. Thanks, guys! And here's hoping for that top hat!
  3. Holy shit, I just got into Oxford! Rejections from both Columbia and NYU, so yay this! Going to be biting my fingernails until I hear about funding (nominated by the English department for scholarship funding, but I'll have to wait for the Humanities division to make their final calls).
  4. These seem quite apt for any moments of unwelcome existential precarity (including decision-waiting).
  5. @everyblueline, will I by any chance be seeing you at Chicago's Prospective Students' Day?
  6. Same here, and I'm also still hoping against hope for Columbia. Considering the lack of interview, though, I should probably just accept it for what it is...
  7. Emerging lurker here: I'm one of the people who was accepted, and yeah, had the interview about a week ago. I have no idea how these things actually work (first-time and international applicant), so keep hoping, maybe? Best of luck with your other applications, though! (I also applied to Oxford, and getting in there would be a long-time dream come true for me, though aiming acceptance + funding is probably a long shot).