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  1. I figured I'd go ahead and start this thread. I know it's a bit early, but who's ready? This will be my second cycle. I was rejected from four schools this past cycle, but according to one of my favorite songs, "You've got to lose to know how to win" (Aerosmith /\A/\). I know what I need to do this time around. I'm ready. Were you rejected this year? Or will this be your first time? What schools are you considering? Good luck everyone. A year from right now (2/24/17) we will have good news to share with each other.
  2. I agree. It seems this letter has gone out to quite a few people. There have been a few reports of people being wait listed, but no acceptances yet to my understanding. I am not very hopeful though and my guess is rejection. I hope I am wrong!
  3. I received an e-mail this morning to check the portal and mine still says applied as well.
  4. I also applied to UConn with low GRE's. How low are your GRE's? Was your undergrad in soc? GPA? Do you have a masters?
  5. Since I found this forum two weeks ago, I check it multiple times per day by searching the schools and program in which I applied. I continuously log into my accounts to check if there is an update. Today on the forum, 3 people were accepted to one of the schools I applied at. I haven't heard anything. This is torture, anxiety, and an unhealthy obsession. Another obsession is school. Is anyone else obsessed? It's like an addiction. I feel as if life is more structured, interesting, and there is something to look forward to while being part of a program. I already completed a Masters 2 years ago. I felt depressed when it ended and finally applied for a doctorate in a different area. I feel the need to be in school. Help.