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  1. My husband and I moved here from Chicago, and like @feyfatale, we've been very underwhelmed by our experience here. Not a ton to do, the local people tend to keep to themselves, so the only real social scene is on campus. There are some good microbreweries, and the Krannert Center hosts interesting concerts, but that's it. The restaurant options aren't great (though getting a little bit better). You have to drive a ways to find non-cornfield nature. After a school year, you've seen everything there is to be seen here. The upside is that you will get a lot of work done. Think of it as a place where you can focus fully on your work and get your PhD done faster. IMHO
  2. Sorry, just to clarify: PU has made its decisions about interviews or admissions? Are you saying they've contacted finalists?
  3. Oops 😉
  4. Looks like at least one person heard from Harvard. They got asked to apply to the MTS program instead.
  5. Love that sketch! "Ever notice how Sally Fields played Tom Hank's love-interest in Punchline, and 5 years later was playing his mom in Forrest Gump?"
  6. Check out UChicago, too.
  7. Ahhh... we have fun, don't we?
  8. "Hail, John Harvard, full of scholasticism! Blessed art thou amongst Anglicans, and blessed is the fruit of thy loins, Harvard University. Pray for us now and at the hour of our funding. Amen." My husband's going to wonder why there are lipstick kisses on the monitor....
  9. Also, just for the record, until they contact me, I'm choosing to believe that I still have a very good chance of getting into UT-Austin. Until I am hand-delivered a rejection letter, I'm telling myself that I can use the Secret or Scientology or something to get myself admitted. It's going to happen!! Do you hear me, Universe??
  10. I don't even care if this is true or not. I LOVE <3 <3 <3 it.
  11. Well, I reckon we'll all just be sittin' out here waiting for Harvard this week. Anyone got a guitar?
  12. Can you be happy working on research that isn't really your main interest? Are any of the ivy league profs doing things you would like? Grad school is miserable and joy-sucking enough as it is without having to resent doing research you hate.
  13. When I told my dad I was to grad school about 7 years ago, his words were to me, " Well, all right, but just be careful. A man doesn't like a woman who's too smart."
  14. Even the best heels wear out. They're not really meant for walking or even standing for long. But at least you always have an excuse to go buy new ones!
  15. I'm still stressing about Harvard! Why are you starting with BU??