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  1. I want to bump this thread. Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has any apps/websites they can recommend for time management and for language studies (esp German)
  2. So I am about to sign a lease on an apartment located off of 17th, and a couple blocks from Grady. The area looks nice. But The big fear I have is moving in only to find that I can either studying or sleep at home because of loud parties. Can any of you speak to the typical noise level in the neighborhood? Or to how crazy it tends to get on weekends? I can handle some noise... but I don't want to be smack in the middle of party central. Too old for that.
  3. From your experience, would you say that it is difficult to find a decent apartment for around $700 a month
  4. I'm looking for housing too. Eagles Landing doesn't look bad. it's a bit pricer than some other apartments I've found, and it's a bit further than I'd like to be from campus. Other than that, it looks nice. I'm having a hard time finding an affordable, pet-friendly apt.
  5. I'm off the waitlist at UVA! Ecstatic!
  6. Maybe, just maybe... good news this week?
  7. With a sprinkling of caution and with plan B tucked away somewhere nearby, yes
  8. Another update concerning UVA. Of the 13 people admitted, only 5 have made decisions. Also, waitlist is unranked.
  9. Probably slim. Not giving up hope just yet though
  10. Confirms my suspicions, it's still disappointing to hear. Did you contact the graduate school or your POI?
  11. Looks like UVA has been sending out rejections over the past few days. As for the waitlist, I am discouraged, to say the least. Including myself and @Sloproth, I know of 3 people who are on the waitlist for the TEC program--this indicates that it is probably not a short list for the Religious Studies Dept as a whole.
  12. Hey turktheman. Weighing decisions carefully is definitely a good idea... I just wish that that didn't come at the cost of leaving people whose last hope is in waitlists in misery and anxiety... lol. I'm waitlisted at 3 programs: Brown, UVA, and PTS.
  13. Are these schools I'm waitlisted at really not going to say anything until April 15th?!
  14. I have caught wind of some movement in the PTS waitlist
  15. As you said, apps are rolling for the Master's programs at PTS, so decisions are sent out at varying times. But if you applied on Jan. 15, you should have received a decision by now.