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  1. As you said, apps are rolling for the Master's programs at PTS, so decisions are sent out at varying times. But if you applied on Jan. 15, you should have received a decision by now.
  2. Thanks Sloproth. I'm also an applicant for the TEC track. This is the most competitive of the tracks right now, I think. UVA is in such high demand for the kind of work the TEC does. The fact that all the Ivy League schools reduced their number of seats this year does not help our cause =[ Wishing you the best, though. Let's keep waiting. If I hear anything, I'll make sure to post it here as soon as I can. Hope you will do the same!
  3. My letter from UVA informing me of the weightless calls me a "top candidate." Did anyone else receive this freezing too? I'm just wondering if this is just a generic letter, or if there is cause to hope.
  4. Welcome. Haven't heard anything. My POI emailed me last week saying that we must "wait and see." The April 15th deadline is not far off so take heart. What program did you apply for?
  5. Union (UTS) has put me through a lot of anxiety, but finally this morning they gave me a final word: Rejection. Oh well. At least now I know.
  6. I asked a couple professors I'm close with this same question. They both answered: "It could go either way." One important factor to consider is whether or not you trust your POI at this school. You said you "felt funny about the question." Is this because you felt that they weren't showing all their cards? If you feel that your POI knows for certain that his/her program is one. you are genuinely interested in, and you feel that your POI is genuinely interested in getting you into the program, you should tell him/her. It could be used as leverage to move you off the waitlist quicker. On the other hand, if they are uncertain of the probability of you accepting an offer should you get off the waitlist, it could work to your disadvantage.
  7. Is anyone else having trouble with UVA's online application? Also, could these schools just get back to us already?
  8. Sorry to hear that. I second what sacklunch said. It is important to carve out spaces in your life a bit distanced from your work. But at the same time, there's nothing wrong with choosing another path.
  9. A lot of schools closed today because of the snowstorm that hit the northeast. So, probably won't be hearing much today.
  10. This ranking list was already posted:
  11. Also, a lot of schools have already had their visits for first round admits. Unless these first round folks are waiting to hear back from their own wait lists, some of them should be making their decision soon. At least, they should… To be considerate to those of us who are stuck in limbo for now
  12. Seeing that the activity on this thread is decreasing, it seems both that there is not much news and that most people don't have much news to await. I am hoping/expecting to hear back from UTS this week. Other than that, still have PTS, UVA and Brown to hear back from.
  13. Agreed. The logic of the ranking is not stated, and none is apparent in its ordering. Not to mention that the subfields under "Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies" are so diverse, and the specializations of certain schools so idiosyncratic, that ranking of schools under that broad category would be difficult in the first place.
  14. Just to clarify, what I brought up is not a case of UTS rescinding an offer of acceptance. I am unaware of such things taking place.
  15. yikes.