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  1. Yes, you are correct, and I was wrong! 10 admits. 8 was the number for Yale, where I was SO close to getting into =[ it seems the trauma is messing with my memory
  2. Princeton theological seminary, like many other schools this year, has cut the number of seats for admissions. This time around there are only eight seats open as opposed to the typical 12.
  3. My colleagues and fellow sufferers and veterans: any advice for one trapped in the purgatory of the waitlist?
  4. Anyone here know anything about the funding at Union Theological Seminary in nyc? I know they only give 4 years, but wondering if it provides a stipend that allows you to survive in the city.
  5. Funny. I read the email at 5. Email was sent last night. Is that sufficiently precise?
  6. My thoughts exactly
  7. Thanks turktheman. I appreciate it.
  8. They have already sent out letters to those who have been admitted. Sorry eshtah:( I applied to Columbia and haven't heard. That means we Have either been rejected or waitlisted. We must wait and see
  9. The Yale admissions process is quite different than that of other schools. The department recommends more applicants that are typically admitted, and the graduate school has much greater say in the final decisions. I really do not understand how the explicitly said that the department does not rank it's recommendations. graduate school ranks the recommended applicants, because the POI explicitly said that the department does not rank it's recommendations.
  10. Just heard from POI @ Yale. Though being recommended for admission, I was ultimately not admitted by the graduate school. Very disappointed. the thing I don't know is if I've been rejected or waitlisted.
  11. I received notification of my recommendation the first week of February. And also, I second this question
  12. Yes, but in the case of other schools, it seems that the Graduate School actually vets recommended applicants on the basis of funding. Departments regularly recommend more applicants than are admitted, putting the leftover onto the waitlist. This seems like a strange process to me, even inefficient. But at the end of the day, I am still at the mercy of the system.
  13. I second that request.
  14. From the results page, looks like they are making calls to people who've been admitted to Yale. Guess that counts me out =[
  15. my fears have been confirmed. alas, Yale is the school I'm referring to.