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  1. Thank you so much everyone! Officially crying on the floor of my room in my fuzzy robe. Can't believe it. The e-mail was from the Grad Director Robert Wuthnow--who I also want as my potential adviser. If I'm looking at the right place on my portal, it still just says "submitted."
  2. Thanks so much! I don't know whether to scream or cry or continue to just shake uncontrollably
  3. Just got an acceptance e-mail from Princeton!!!! So idk about those calls from Princeton/Harvard!
  4. I can check my online portal in a minute but I was accepted via e-mail! They had a nice letter attached that was personalized
  5. Won't let me add anything to the results list, but just was accepted to Northwestern! I guess they're starting to notify today!
  6. That was me! I got an e-mail from the Graduate Chair David Grazian! Not sure about the portal--haven't checked!
  7. Based on your signature it looks like you still have a lot of programs to hear from! You can't be pessimistic yet!
  8. Sounds awesome! What are your general research interests? Her work on how the structural conditions/cultural norms of rural/small towns affect poverty management is really cool, especially for people like me broadly interested in how neighborhoods/communities affect social mobility. Hope you hear back soon
  9. That's so awesome! What was your thesis on?
  10. Thanks so much!! Fingers crossed for you
  11. That was me! Got an e-mail from Jenn Sherman about 45 mins ago!
  12. Yah I was accepted to OSU on 1/23 via e-mail!
  13. No interview! Just an e-mail. How common are requests for interviews? I've seen a lot of people posting about them but none of my schools have requested them so far... And good luck WorldPeaceMaker! I'm sure you'll hear back in the next few days and the waiting will be over. That's the worst part IMO.
  14. The e-mail basically said that the Department has recommended me for acceptance and I should get the official acceptance in the next few days. No details on numbers. Says I should anticipate a fellowship with full funding! Very excited Nervous waiting for everything else though! I've only heard back from 4!!
  15. Yah, it was an e-mail notifying me that I had been accepted. I don't know about non-responses. I received the acceptance e-mail late in the afternoon Friday, so they may be continuing to update everyone today!